The (dis)advantage of DeChantal

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So I moved back to the beautiful Hill last night. (After a mishap on the Turnpike, that cost me all of my brand new folders, except two, and the lid to a blue storage bin.) And it's as pretty as it was when I left it. I love Seton Hill.

It took me basically all night to finish putting my stuff away. But finding out that I actually have plenty of room this year is the most wonderful thing in the world. The room still needs to be decorated and to be completely filled with the arrival of a roommate named Sara. Whom I cannot wait to see because I miss her. We're living suite style this year (we were roommates last year too.) But now we are joined with four other lovely ladies and will enjoy a wonderful view of a small hill leading to D lot. ::cough::

But today I was up bright and early to get to breakfast and start the day. I'm here early for Student Activities Council and eventually Student Ambassadors will be doing something. So we had a wonderfully long SAC meeting this morning in (the newly remolded) Maura 333. It was nice to get back into organizing and taking care of some business.

After that we went to lunch to see all the other cool kids that are back early. It's so nice to see everyone for the first time in such a long time. (Though the summer went fast, it feels like it started so long ago at the same time.) So after lunch I decided this would be a perfect time to buy my books. So I took the little walk over to the (also, newly remolded) bookstore to buy said books. They not only cost me a fourth of what I made this summer, but some of those books are heavy!

Here's where the disadvantage comes in. I live in DeChantal this year which means I have to walk to the far side of campus...with heavy, costly books. It was a trip. I'm sure to loose a few inches this year. Maybe it's actually an advantage to live in the farthest away building? Hmm...the perks of high-class living.

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