Wednesday = Home

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This is the last week of camp. All the campers will be leaving on Wednesday and the staff has been leaving since Saturday and will pretty much be gone by Thursday. Summer is officially coming to an end. Even though I know it's been since May 18th that we've been up on this mountain and at times I felt like the days and weeks would go on forever. The end is here and now it feels like the summer barely happened.

This week I'm working with Mommy, Daddy and Me and Grandparent and Me camp. They have combined them this week to make all the activities easier on us all. It's an interesting group. It's really fun to see how certain parents talk to their kids, and then see if their grandparents do anything differently. I really appreciate the willingness of most of the parents when it comes to letting their kids go a little to actually be campers and let me take care of them. I was nervous about that being a challenge, but it seems to be working well with the whole group. With these kind of groups it's hard because the kids and parents have to strain themselves away from each other as much as possible so each of them can get a good experience and so the kids can really learn how to start being a camper on their own.

We have kids in this group ranging in ages from five up to ten. Personally I feel that the kids from eight and up could be campers on their own, but sometimes siblings are good to have around in this camp. However, we have to split the kids up by ages so they can understand Bible studies and do different games and I am working primarily with the youngest group of kids and I want to take them home because they are the cutest little kids ever.

I love children, this summer has been the perfect "job." I esp. love working with these really little campers. But the tough part about them is that with normal camps, the kids are alone and they hang on you all day and even though that does get tiring, it's adorable to have a camper depend so much on you. But with this camp they only solely depend on me for the time that their parents are away, and then when the whole group is back together, they run back to their parents (or grandparents.) Seeing that makes me miss home. I cannot wait for Wednesday to get here so I can run away from the camp counselor and to my parents, but I know that unlike these kids, the camp counselor is more to me than just an extra buddy for the week. The counselors are my co-workers, my friends, my accountability and strength, my guidance, my shoulder to lean on and above all my family, and I will truly miss each and every one of them as I run home to my parents. It's been an unforgettable summer to say the least.

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Daddy-O said:

I can remember the first time we left you on the'Jumonville Mountain' and picking you up 6 days later.
Each of those years I couldn't wait to hug you when you ran to the car (and then it was only for a week.)
Tomorrow, will be 100 times better!
Run baby-girl Run !!

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