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October 7, 2008

Faithfully Analyzing

Part Two: taking a closer look into Faith.

As I began to investigate Faith by Robert Kendall a little closer than before, I thought that I would start with some definitions.

Faith: confidence or trust in a person or thing, belief that is not based on proof

Logic: the science that investigates the principles governing correct or reliable inference

Beginning the poem with the line "logic can't bend this..." Kendall shows that through out this piece of literature, there will be this out spoken battle between faith and logic. Kendall brings this message out in his poem, while it has always been a message that is portrayed in every day life as well.

There has always been a great debate with faith and logic. Some people saying that not everything can be based on logic, that some things just have to be left up to faith; while others say that everything has to have a logical explanation. By starting the poem with "logic can't bend this," Kendall is able to say that logic cannot explain faith, nothing can, faith its own element and is unable to be measured against something else; it has to stand alone to make a point, or to have some meaning.

As the poem and animation continues, the idea that faith is immeasurable and not able to be compared to anything else continues through, not only the use of the written word, but also the way the text presents itself onto the page. The line that mentions, "off the rocker..." not only comes up as visually appealing but also calls attention to that line and the idea that someone that makes all decisions solely on faith may be the same.

At the end of the poem is the final idea. Leap. Leap and faith have been in common use together ("leap of faith") and that shows as the word leap grows, eventually taking over the page and the other words begin to fall down, while leaving the words just, to sum and up, still on the on the page. As the word Faith falls into place the viewer sees the final sentence being, "just to sum up Faith," as though the animation, noises and words have summed up the definition of the word while the poem played out on the page.

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I looked at the faith link too. At first I didn't like that there was not much to look at. But then I realized that I really like the poem and how it talked about faith.
I thought it was good how you mentioned the poem started out with "logic can't bend this" because that was my favorite part. It means that faith is something to be believed and you can't convince people otherwise.

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