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November 30, 2008

I've looked at this page too long

Well, my final draft of my website for the 2008 Jumonville Summer Staff is done. I think it turned out pretty well, I'm decently happy with it. I'm actually just happy that I got all of what I wanted on there done on time to do the Beta Testing for class tomorrow.

I was trying to make a site that shows the pictures that didn't make it to the staff site that Jumonville already has made and to show more of an inside view of what a summer full of camp is to the people that actually live it. (I think I got that accomplished.)

But please feel free to make suggestions and tell me what you like and hate about the site - personally it's starting to get on my nerves because I've been looking at it and working with it for so long now, it seems anyway. Let me know what you think, whether you're in the class or not - and if you need a person to look over your site, feel free to ask!


Chelsea I really like the simplicity of your site. I mean that in a very positive way, because there is a lot going on, but you present the info in a very approachable, viewable way and I think that works really well for people who don't know much about the site like me. I really like how you use the different backgrounds for the different pages. It makes it interesting.

The only suggestion I would make is to have an link on each of the internal pages that would take you back to the main page. I think only being able to use the back button might pose some problems, so if you can, make just a quick link or something that would take you back to the main page. Perhaps at the bottom of each page. Or even if you wanted to use that navigation bar at the bottom of the home page on each page. That might be an idea as well.

Other than that I really enjoy your site. Great job.

I do like your site and the simplicity. Also, all the pictures are quite entertaining and the homepage gives me a lot to look at with little words.

My only comment is the buttons at the bottom. I didn't see them the first time I looked at the site because they are at the bottom. Perhaps bring them somewhere else like at the top or running down a side.

I love your site =] It looks both simple and professional. I love the page that links to your blog entries. It really helps to give the reader/user a closer look at your experiences.

I had the same idea as Andy for one suggestion. Include a link to the home page on each inner page.

Some other personal ideas...
- The bottom navigation is off. Move it? Center it?
- The curly-q font used for the girls pages is a bit hard to read in a small font size. Consider using a different font?

The site really looks great! Good luck!

I like your website so much Chelsea (because it has so many pictures.)

However, I think you might add more introduction on your homepage. It looks a little bit lack of convincing for the readers. Actually, it looks like a Advertising page, many people might just click X on the right corner of the explorer.

Also, I think not much people would have patient to click every of the picture to see just three pictures of each member. Here is solution:

1. Add story for each member.
2. Create go to next person on each person's page.

And the navigation bar looks weird, I did not even notice it at the first time. I guess it would be hard to be clicked as well.

Thanks for all your ideas guys - I'll def. use them when making the final product.

Dearest Miss Chelsea,
I want to look at the page you made but can't get it to work on my computer. I've tried googling it and such and it always gives me some error thing. Is that just because I'm not cool and don't go to SHU? lol If there's some way to make it work, I'd love to see it, and if not, then will you show it to me over the summer? :o)
Miss you love!

Miss Ashley!!!
I don't know what the problem is??? Because Ree and Larry were able to see it on their computers...I'll look into it - if not I'll show you over the summer, I think I'll be bringing my laptop up anyway. Love and miss you too dearest!!

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