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November 17, 2008

Oh yeah, I am a writer...

Today in class as we were doing our alpha tests I realized while looking at some other classmates websites that I need to put more writing on my website. Duh, Chels.

Although through the alpha testing I got a lot of positive feedback about my "in the making" website about the 2008 summer staff at Jumonville. I know there were quite a few people that looked at my site and didn't really have anything "bad" to say about it. (Come on guys, find something...haha) and so far, Maddie already commented in her blog about how much she liked my design....but besides that I need to add more writing to it because, after all this class is Writing for the Internet.

I think that I will continue to be my own worst critic though because I am very passionate about the subject that I'm working with. (As you can tell from blogs I posted over the summer from beginning to end of the "Jumonville Journey.") But I guess I could add those responses to the site (as I just think of that idea now) to make up for the lack of A LOT of writing. 

But there are also a number of things, besides the writing that I have to add as well:

  • A better heading - I hate the block-y-ness of the one I have now
  • A navigation bar like the one Jackie has on her WAF site to the bottom of my page
  • Pictures, that I am still gathering, for each staff members individual page
  • At least one link back to Jumonville's already established website

I think it will turn out decently well once I get all of my own personal touches in there along with some of the selected writings I already did - we'll see how that turns out. Although, I already talked to my bosses, Larry and Ree, and they said that they think this is a great idea and depending on how it turns out will want to link it to Jumonville's site...ugh, that just gives me more pressure to make it look good. (As if I didn't give myself enough reason to do so already, haha.)


But as a side note, if you are willing, you can help me sort through the entries I wrote over the summer by reading the following links. (Or if you think I should add them all, please let me know - or if you have any other ideas, please feel free to throw them my way.)

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