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November 11, 2008

When my job becomes my work

For the term project for Writing for the Internet, I am making a staff website for the summer camp that I worked at over the summer. Although - technically you can already find staff pictures from the summer online, I'm hoping to post the pictures that didn't make it to the website - the ones that really show the personalities of the staff are actually on display.

So far I have a home page with a picture of everyone linking to their own personal (but so far blank) pages. I plan to put a little biography on each of the personal pages along with pictures from through out the summer. On the home page I also link to a page that I made at the beginning of the year when we first started making html codes and will make other pages like it for group photos.

I think I'm well on my way and will do fine - but I will need people to look over the draft when it's all set up - so I'll be looking out for people to fill that spot.


Chelsea, I'll gladly be a tester for your site! Here's an idea too...you could look into putting a page or part of a page on your site that would allow others from the camp to upload their pictures from their home computer to the site. I have no idea how to do this or how difficult it would be to find out, but it's just an idea for you that you could investigate further.

Yay! Thanks Jackie, and I thought of that idea (along with some equally ambitious ones) as well, but I don't even know where to start when it comes to that.

Hey Chels I'll be a tester for your site too. I'm also doing a web site and will be needing some testers... wink wink.

I like your idea. But what if there were a way to set up some kind of forum on your site where you and the other camp leaders can talk while you're away from each other, or where people can ask you questions and stuff? That would probably be really hard but it's a thought.

Sounds good! And I actually think I might know the camp you worked at. Is it Jumonville? If so, I went there twice before so I could be a tester of someone who knows the place a little bit rather than a regular joe seeing it for the first time.
Also I just have a simple suggestion. I dont know if you already mentioned this or have done it but it would be a good idea to put the actual camp site as a link in your site and a link to the other pictures that are not posted on your site; just so that people who are interested can discover more. (you prob already thought of that) lol.

Andy, and Anne - thanks for your ideas guys, you both are wonderful and yes Andy I will help you out with your site as well. :)

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