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December 4, 2008

Finished Business

Well, I put all the changes from my Beta Testers into place. I think the website I made is pretty decent. (Better than I ever thought I could've done if you told me this is what I would make at the beginning of the semester.) So I'm okay with it.

Personally, I think that it lacks a little professionalism, but none of the testers seemed to feel the same, so I left it as is and only changed the things that I could for now.

With that being said, the changes I made are as follows:

  • Added a clearer title or "introduction" to the home page to give users a reason to be there (apparently seeing my face wasn't enough, haha)
  • Added a short navigation bar to each staff members page, so users could easily go to the next page or the prvious page or back to the home page.
  • Changed the background of the Journal page (I hated the old one...this one is classy)
  • Fixed typos and spelling errors throughout.
  • Moved the home page navigation bar to the top so users didn't have to hunt for it.

What I would've liked to do if I had more time:

  • Added more pictures to each staff members page
  • Added more of a biography to each members page
  • Had at least a little reflection from each of them of the whole summer to put on each of their individual pages

But overall, I think I did alright. See for yourself.

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