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February 24, 2009

Fasting for Lent

Well, not fasting like Jesus did but I'm planning on doing a Media Fast during Lent this year. Some of you might be thinking, "Chels, you aren't Catholic, you don't have to do that."

While that statement is true, I always liked giving something up for Lent, just for the sake of doing something during this time. I remember one year when I was in elementary school I gave up applesauce - which to most people doesn't seem like a big deal, but I LOVVVVVE applesauce, I eat it with everything, especially cinnamon applesauce. Hmmm...my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Anyway, I had never been so happy for Easter than I was that year. (Even though Easter is my favorite holiday, that year it was made 2,000 times better.)

Moving on...when I was in high school I thought about doing a media fast, but thought it would be too hard considering my intake of AIM, MySpace and Xanga. Well, since then my media intake has only gotten worse. I crave time to be informed on every little detail of the world around me, which is good, considering I'm double majoring in Journalism/New Media and Communication. But, currently I'm feeling a little worn down by it all. I feel like I'm in the know about too much. (On that note, I also considered giving up any form of gossip for Lent this year, but considering 85% of the conversations at SHU are in some form gossip, I don't think I can really avoid it at all costs, but I will still be trying to cut back.)

Anyway, over this past summer, while I worked at Jumonville I felt so free from the tension of being so in the know. I actually liked the process of not knowing everything and not knowing what was happening around the world while I was in a "bubble" up on that mountain. It made me enjoy my time there even more and appreciate the news that I did get randomly even more. So even though I do ADORE Seton Hill, I think that limiting my intake of the outside world would make me feel even more appreciative of this baby mountain like I am with Jumonville.

So, a media fast it is. However, I need some rules. I know I cannot go cold turkey so I've made up some boundaries.

  • Internet. I'm giving up everything, except websites I have to look at for class and my Seton Hill email account, considering SHU doesn't know how to communicate without email; I have to be able to check it.
  • Reading. Again giving up everything except what I have to read for classes and the Bible of course, and if this turns into me actually having time to read for fun, then I'm only reading books that have to do with religion in some form. (So that book about the spiritual journey of George W. Bush that I've been dragging along fits in this category.)
  • TV. None. This shouldn't be too hard considering I don't watch T.V. unless there is nothing else to do, which during the school year is very rare.  
  • Music. I cannot live without music and I never think I would be able to, but on that note (pun intended) I will only listen to Christian music. I feel like I've downloaded a sufficant amount and if I end up getting bored with what I have, I have friends that I'm sure will let me borrow what they have as well.
  • TalkingOne site I looked at said to give up cell phones but that is taking this a little too far, considering that is my only form of communication left for people outside of Seton Hill. However, like I said I'm going to try to cut back on being involved in the gossip conversations that float around like mad on this hill and I'm working on that "speaking in turn" thing so that I become a better listener. I feel like I am a good listener but I think everyone could do better in this category and I'm a camp counselor so I should be able to accomplish this better than I am currently. Also, I have to be able to call home on Sundays, it's basically a rule.


We'll see how this works out. If it doesn't I could always be generic and give up pop (soda). No worries, I'll be sure to blog about it all if I do make it through around Easter. 

February 17, 2009

In memory of a friend...

I have to admit that I was ashamed of being part Journalism major yesterday when about 100 or so people were trying to mourn for a wonderful guy while cameras were in each face and waiting for any tears to drop.

Because of my major, I understand that they need to tell the news and need to get the story out there, but live taping of the memorial? And cameras crowding around a bunch of crying students? It made me sick to hear the cameras snapping away as soon as Father Stephen told us to give each other signs of peace and comfort. Do you really need that many pictures of people hugging? I'm sure everyone understands that Seton Hill is still in mourning.

However, I was proud, and more accepting of my second major, when I read an article in the Tribune Review today. After hearing countless times that there was a picture of me on the front page, I finally tracked one down at lunch to check it out. (I hated the picture.) But this is the best article I've read about Briggs so far. 

Thank you, Jennifer Reeger for painting a more accurate picture of Joe for those that did not have the chance to meet such a caring person. I picked the Journalism major because I wanted to give a better name to "media" and the reputation that goes along with it. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who is trying to do that.


Please continue to pray for the Seton Hill community, Joe's friends back home and especially his family. You're missed Briggs - you truly are. <3