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February 24, 2010

How easy, to take You for granted.

In Writing Material: Readings from Plato to the Digital Age, Johannes Trithemius goes through an easily read text that talks about the Bible and its importance, as well as how the writers of the text must have felt while they copied it word for word.

"Every word we write is imprinted more forcefully on our minds since we have to take our time while writing and reading. The repeated reading of Scripture will inflame the mind of the writer and carry him happily to total surrender to God." (pg. 473)

This quote makes me think of how much we take written text and books that can be mass produced for granted. Especially the Bible. Back in the day, the Bible was the most sacred book, not only because it is from God, but because it took so long to produce more copies. I kind of wish I could have been on of the people that were commissioned to copy the Bible. Could you imagine how much better you would know God if you knew each and every one of the words in the Bible. Granted, I'm sure it wouldn't make you any better of a person, but knowing God that intimately must be intense and very rewarding. How easily we take written text for granted, we making it into eBooks so it's even easier and more accessible. Don't get me wrong, I love the advancement of technology as much as the next person but when is has it gone too far? I hope I never see a version of the Bible on eBooks.

Though I would still say that living in the time of any of the Bible stories and hearing the miracles of God first hand would be more impressive and I'm sure I would be able to be in an even greater sense of awe, being able to have your own version of the Bible is great...it gives you a reason to really know God...even though a lot of questions go unanswered because He is not right there to orally communicate with so like I've said in previous entries, the conversation is not complete without talking (praying). But how great it must have been to hear the stories first hand, to live them, or at least even to copy them word by word for other people to be able to know God as well.  

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