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February 24, 2010

"Where them bloggers at...."

Well, this is my second attempt at writing this blogging portfolio but I guess that just goes to show how new technology is not always better, which goes perfectly along with my main point during this unit of the course, discussing the switch from oral communication to written communication.

Throughout the process I have agreed with the oral side of communication, which actually surprised me at first because of how much I love to write. But recently, especially while being in college and working at a fulltime camp in the summers, I haven’t had a lot of time to myself to just write, oral communication comes so much more naturally and freely. This semester though, I do have a class that I look forward to everyday called Publication Workshop. This course is committed to writing, submitting and getting published. But if I did not have this course, I would not be doing a lot of free and creative writing, which is the kind of writing that I find most valuable. Without Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 11:30 a.m. I wouldn’t be expressing my voice at all….in the form of written communication.

But oral communication is much freer. It happens all the time, from speakers and lectures to discussion groups and conversations between friends, even a simple hello in the hallways, orality is everywhere. It’s flexible to different people and places and has a unique ability to be everywhere at the exact same time. Written text has not been able to match that mobility and probably never will. Just because text is newer than speaking does not mean its better. Just like this blog that I had to start over, just because a blog is newer than a regular paper I would turn in to a professor, doesn’t mean it’s any better than that paper.

With these readings I agreed, basically every time, that oral communication is better than written communication and here are the entries, divided up in different categories for class purposes, that explain why I sided with orality.


Coverage: Even with a problem at the beginning of the course, I was able to blog about every text we went over in the course. Each reading was covered and each entry was rather lengthy.


Depth: This unit I had a lot to say, literally. But these are entries that I was able to talk about in depth or bring up different (not surface level) ideas for the text and that I was able to discuss further during class as well.


Interaction: For this unit I tried to read some classmates blogs before writing my own, but I only remembered to do that a couple times, but here are some entries where I was able to mention classmates in my entries and comment on their ideas and also where I left comments that either started or added to good online discussions.


Discussion: In this section are entries that I commented on that furthered discussions and some entries of my own that I contributed to, to keep the conversation moving for others.

  • Amish City - Megan’s entry about Amish living
  • Techno - Jessie’s entry about Amish living
  • Mother Goose - Maddie’s entry about storytelling


Xenoblogging: Although while it was actually happening I didn’t realize what I was doing, throughout this unit I found myself giving a lot of encouragement with information comments, here are a couple examples.


Wildcard: This has nothing to do with our class, just blogging in general and giving some useful information to a fellow student.

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