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March 31, 2010

Kellee Maize...not your typical rapper

So I've recently found out about this artist Kellee Maize. She's nothing like I expected at all. From her look she seems like she'd be this sweet little thing, but when she sings (or raps rather) it's far from predictable.

She was recently mentioned on this big deal music blog called Pigeons and Planes. You can either go there or to her MySpace to listen to some of her songs. Her lyrics are really inspiring though, not your typical rap artist. It's nice to see a female rapper with good lyrics to be a role model for younger girls. She's starting out now in Pittsburgh, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this one to make it big.



My faves from her new album, Aligned Archetype, are Say Watcha Want & Eleven 11.



Just found this article online about Kellee from the TRIB ....nice. 


Yeah i think she'll be mainstream too ... she's just so talented and her lyrics command attention.

For sure. She's the next big thing. I love the positive message she sends out.

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