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May 11, 2010

"Dodging bullets to dodging bugs..."

The rainy day we had on the hill today reminded me of puddle-jumping and frog-hunting...

In less than a week I will finally be back on the mountain. I have never missed Jumonville so much in my life, the end of this semester has just been pushing me to want to go back there even more everyday. Although we have to get through the rest of this week and then three weeks of training before seeing our kids...I cannot wait to see our kids.

Their beautiful little faces are what have kept me going through this semester. (They are all hanging up on my wall at school in pictures spelling out the word HOPE.) I cannot wait to spend another summer with them, trying to teach them about God and life and really learning so much more from them then I could ever try to teach them.

Below is a video that Kisker Productions made during a week with one of our middle school aged groups. It shows some very unflattering shots of me in camp clothes, which are a far cry from my heels and skinny jeans that I like to rock here at SHU. But I'd give those up for my campers anyday.


HOPE Camp - Summer Camp For At-Risk Children from Kisker Productions on Vimeo.

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