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May 10, 2010

Imma be spreading my wings.


Through the Topics in Media and Culture course I feel that I have learned a lot about how the culture of the book, writing and communication in general throughout the year. Some of the really exciting things that we discussed this semester that really interested me had to do with changing from oral communication to written work and using PowerPoint to assist with oral communication. Although I took a strong stand for oral communication, I do see the good in the other forms as well with the development of different things over time.

Also over the course of this semester, I feel like I've done a lot more in-depth blogs than I have in the past and am really surprised by how many of my entries are actually really long. Which is a good thing and shows some pretty good improvement from that point of view.

With the writing I did through the blogs and through the ideas that I was able to come up with for the creative projects I think that I also showed how I was really able to relate the course material to fun activities and presented them in great ways to the class.


Normal Blog Portfolio

Since we only had a couple entries due for this portfolio, I wanted to make mention of both of them, they are below, but I liked that I was able to create some good attention with them which is good since I've been blogging for the past three years and have only gotten minimal outside recognition and this year I have actually gotten a lot more. These two each have comments from people that I have never heard of (which could be spam or real people) and from people that don't normally comment on my blog positively.

Good Intentions and Cyberspace are the blogs that created attention on the academic related entries that I wrote.


Creative Projects and Papers

Through this course, I really enjoyed having so many creative projects to do because not only do I like coming up with different things to do, but I like seeing what else people can come up with. However, for the couple that had restrictions on them, I feel that I went above and beyond to stay within those restrictions and some others did not and are grades turned out similar, which I personally think isn't right for the amount of work and time that a few other classmates and I put in to stay within the guidelines, when it apparently didn't matter if we did or not. I really enjoyed doing these projects because it broke up the time that we had to spend (sometimes) mindlessly on the other blogs and papers.

With the other papers, although a few times I was really interested in the topics I was covering (and am covering with the current paper) I feel like since there were so many of them and so many blogs, it after awhile became too much; not because this course shouldn't be writing intensive, because it is, but because after doing some different kinds of papers and blogs on the  same topic, I noticed that we all started to run out of things to say on some of the topics and the blogs, especially, I think started to lack because of how redundant the material became.

However, with the final paper that we're working on now, I am glad we were able to choose our own topics, because the topic I picked (the effects of cyber schooling and digital learning on students) is really interesting and I am learning a lot through the research. This topic is something that has come up in my personal reflections of some of the readings and has really interested me in general...especially in this class.


Just a note

With this class, I feel like although I thought a lot of the units became redundant, I did learn a lot and am constantly thinking about how technology and communication in general has changed over time.

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