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September 7, 2010

Scratch that...let's try something new.

Well, it's that time of the year again, back to school, I guess it is about time that we turn our brains back on and start to learn a few more things. Let's start with this scratch business.

When our New Media Projects class first looked at these stories/games/things I was a little skeptical about if I'd actually be able to do anything with the program. (I'm not really a computer programmer. Sorry for the letdown.) However, scratch really isn't that hard to use and is actually pretty fun. Even though I did have to re-start my project because there is no real "undo" button in some cases...lame, it's pretty easy to make everything that I plan on doing with this program so although, kind of challenging because I've never worked with anything like this before, still fun to be able to get started right away in a new semester with learning something new that I've never seen.

For my project I am going off of a video I found on the Scratch site called "JOIN WARRIORS OF THE ISLAND RPG!!!!" made by the user Nightfire. I liked how the video flashed each different character on the screen and then said the message it needed to and I wanted to try to do something similar for the Behold the Griffin campaign that Seton Hill is doing right now. So, I'm in progress of that, but still need a little direction in how to make the image flash on the screen...working on it :)

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