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September 14, 2010

Shopping always has been my favorite game.

So, shallow, lame and juvenile....probably. Fun, for sure! While my next new media project is going to be through a program I didn't have too much luck with the last time I tried it out, Inform 7, I'm going to try again this time with something I've always been interested in...shopping.

Although, I'm not sure of all of the little details, I have the overall idea down pretty good. There will be quite a bit of information at the beginning given to the player in the form of a shopping list. The player will have different people to buy for and for different reasons so she (or he, I guess) will go around the mall finding the items in the different stores. Along the way I plan on making the player hungry, tired, find money, need to use the restroom, maybe even get their items stolen and other random things that would could happen to a typical shopper if they spent a lot of time in the mall one day.

Right now, I only have one floor sketched up, but if all goes well, I plan on including more floors, and sales to increase the difficulty of the game and for different "levels." Also, I plan on being able to reward the player by doing good things, like letting a person in a hurry go ahead of them in line, or flushing a toilet that needs it, or returning money to someone that drops it in front of them...basically little things that could happen in real life at the mall and if we're really lucky, we'll even be able to avoid people the player "doesn't like" and meet up with friends if needed.

So the game will go on until the shopping list is completely checked off and/or the mall closes...hopefully that doesn't happen before the player is able to finish shopping, but we'll have to wait and see! Below is a ROUGH draft of the mall map and where some items can be found.




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I'm glad you're having fun with this. As I said in class, a smaller game that's richly implemented may be more fun for your test users than a sprawling map with only a few things to do, so you might want to consider practicing in a small section with a handful of locations, until you figure out what sort of things are going to be possible in the short amount of time we have.

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