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October 29, 2010

Love, Chels (number two)

For my senior year, I am writing a column in The Setonian each issue to talk about things going on at Seton Hill. I'm considering them love letters, hate mail and everything in between, because although I adore Seton Hill, I do also see it's flaws. This column will address all of that with each issue printed. This is the second for the year.

Dear Seton Hill, I think it's time to start a revolution.
Alright so revolution is not really the word I’m looking for since its technical definition considers violence to be a major part, but what I have to say doesn’t want any part in the violent nonsense of a revolution. So let’s call this a peaceful revolution!

Recently I decided to revive the Feminist Collective. The mission of the club is to promote equality for women, to strive for a world without sexual and domestic violence and to raise money for an organization that helps victims of sexual and domestic violence, this year we have chosen to donate all of the money we raise at the end of the year to the Blackburn Center.

Now that I’m in a leadership position of an organization who is working towards making the world a better place, I’ve realized the number of other clubs, who have the sole purpose of helping others too. The ones that instantly come to mind are, Griffin’s at Work, SHU-A-THON, Make A Wish, Project H.O.P.E., SHU Red Cross Club and STAND.

Griffin’s at Work, formally known as Habitat Club, do their part through smaller Habitat for Humanity projects throughout Greensburg all year round and go on a week long trip every year, either during spring break or J-Term. SHU-A-THON does different fundraisers throughout the year and holds a dance marathon in the spring to raise money for a needy organization. This year, in memory of a SHU alum, they are giving their efforts to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation. Make A Wish Club raises money every year to grant a child a wish through the Make A Wish Foundation. Project H.O.P.E, formally the Social Work Club, visits different shelters and help where they see fit throughout the year while the Red Cross Club volunteers through the Westmoreland-Chestnut Ridge Chapter of the American Red Cross and STAND raises awareness about past and current genocides to hopefully bring a future without genocide and now the Feminist Collective raises money to help victims of sexual and domestic abuse.

These seven clubs have started the revolution of making a difference on our campus and in the community. So why isn’t the whole campus involved in this revolution? For those of you that are, you rock, keep up the good work. But those of you that are not involved, I challenge you to join in this year. Join one of these clubs or create your own! There are also plenty of opportunities through Campus Ministry to volunteer through events such as Labor of Love or Saturday of Service.

As Ghandi said, be the change you wish to see in the world. Seton Hill and the world in general for that matter, will not get any better if you’re sitting along the sidelines; do something about the things you don’t like. Make a difference. Change the world for the better. But keep this in mind, volunteering is not just something you do because it looks good on your resume, it’s something you need to be able to put your heart in to. What I have personally found out through volunteer work that I have done is that the people I am serving give me a lot more than I could ever try to give them. But the feeling of knowing you made a difference in any way is indescribable, but you will remember it forever.

So get out there! Now that Seton Hill is on the map because of all the hype around our iPads, let’s be sure it stays there because of the buzz our revolution will create.

October 26, 2010

Scratchy Screencast

Below is a screencast I made thanks to Screencast-O-Matic of my first Scratch project that I made for my New Media Projects class, now that it's all done. Enjoy! There will be more coming of a tester that doesn't know how to do Scratch trying it out, but for now...you'll have to watch me play it! It runs a little slower than it actually does in real life, which you can see on the Scratch website, if you'd like to go play it yourself.

October 24, 2010

Would you like to buy some guchies?

The Feminist Collective is doing its first fundraiser of the year this week to begin to raise money for the Blackburn Center. And we're selling underwear.

We have black, pink and white undies in bikini or boy-short style. Every pair has the female symbol on the front and the phrase "I'm more than my body" printed across the butt and a tag that has a statistic about sexual violence. They are $5 per pair and all of the money will go to help the Blackburn Center, our organization of choice for this year's efforts.

If you're a Seton Hill community member, stop by the table outside Lowe Dining Hall on Monday or Tuesday (October 25 & 26) between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. If you would like a pair and are not from the area be in touch with us by email, feministcollective@setonhill.edu.


attachment.jpg     Boy-shorts on the left and bikini on the right, both styles come in black, pink or white.


October 20, 2010

Because this needs to stop.

Facebook has exploded over the past few weeks about Spirit Day. A day to remember the lives of people that have committed suicide because they were bullied for being homosexual. Well, today (10/20/10) was that day and I have to say I was very excited to see so much purple through out the halls of Seton Hill.

From students, to faculty and staff, there was a lot of spirit on the Hill today, which makes me feel comforted that we are living up to the mission statement of the university and beginning to "transform the world."

Why purple? Because the purple in the LGBT rainbow flag represents spirit. Why the need for a day dedicated to purple? Because we have missed out on what beautiful children had to offer the world because of bullying them for who they are. I think Ellen said it best in this video, posted after the news of Tyler Clementi took his life due to bullying.

I feel especially related to this issue because my best friend from home is openly gay, but it really encourages me to know that so many people are standing up to support young people that have to deal with being picked on just because they're not "normal." Andrew goes to Penn State Beaver and today their Gay-Straight Alliance club sat outside and did face painting of the NO H8 symbol while wearing their purple, I was so proud to hear him talking about how well it went 1) because that means he's involved in school activities and 2) he knows now for sure that he can be who he is, wherever he is, which makes me feel happy because I know he's safe. He and all of my other gay friends here at SHU are safe. But I'm sure there are still kids out there, who didn't see anyone in purple today. Kids who still live in fear or self hatred because no one stood up for them today.

Those are the kids we need to continue to stand up for. The ones that are in real danger, the ones that don't have best friends that love them and would do anything for them. The ones that have died - the ones we know about and the ones we've never heard of. It is bullshit that this is happening, that kids are still taking their lives and feeling like they are not worth the space they take up because some asshole told them that they are a queer, a homo, a lesbo, a dyke...and the list goes on.

Shut up if you've ever called someone these names and stand up if you're against precious lives thinking they're worthless because of some idiot's senseless teasing. 

October 19, 2010

Back to Scratch...

For the second half of the semester in my New Media class, we're going back over the three different programs that we've worked on so far in the course; Scratch, Inform 7 and HTML. First, we're getting back to Scratch.

For my first Scratch project, I did a Behold the Griffin little interactive video, but because we're coming back to the projects this gives me some time to polish it up. I know that the beginning section of my video went too fast and the answers had to be typed really quickly to move on so I've changed that to have an answer response box pop up where the player has to type into the box and click the check mark to move on to the next screen. Also, I noticed the backgrounds during the beginning were a little annoying, because of the maroon and gold colors and how they changed so much, so I toned those down to be a black gradient and gold writing, so even though that make the video look a little like the Steelers...it's better than the mixed up ketchup and mustard look it had going on earlier. (Not to mention I'm a Pittsburgh fan, so it looks good to me.)

Overall, I'm proud of this project, I think it's been pretty quality all along considering in early August I didn't know this site existed and in a little less than a month later I finished my first project. I'm impressive.

October 15, 2010

"Stop all your labelin', I'm Kellee a-Maize-ing"

I blogged about Kellee Maize last semester when I first heard her music and now I've noticed she is blowing up online. If you type in female rapper into Google, usually she comes up first...that is amazing. I hope she goes further and is able to really get out in the business, because honestly we need a female rapper out there that isn't focused on leaving little to the imagination by rapping about sex and showing off "their goodies" in their videos.

I love how this girl is staying true to Pittsburgh too. She's really doing a good thing and I really want her to be able to have a successful career and not be hated for doing something different and rapping about what she believes in. In her new video "Third Eye," I think it really shows how impressive she can be. Her outfits are beautiful and the location is perfect. And not to mention...the lyrics have been on repeat in my head for a few weeks now.

This is her video, for her new single, Third Eye. I love it, especially the part that says, "I don't really care what god you're praisin' or what herb you're blazin'..." because I have been (kind of) criticized for listening to her so much since she raps about her beliefs, that don't really match up with my own. But I love this line for one reason specifically, part of my beliefs are to accept everyone as they are and ultimately "meet them where they are" so through the way I live my life they'll be able to see the God I believe in. (Just to let everyone know.) So I think Kellee is saying the same thing in this song about her beliefs. 

October 14, 2010

Don't stress: just work until you're too tired to have emotions

...or something like that. But nevertheless, it's that time of year. Midterms. Hooray!

I have to say that I feel like I've done a lot this semester throughout these three units. Before this course, I didn't know Scratch existed, I hated Inform 7 and I knew a little bit about HTML and CSS. But now, I feel like I am pretty decent in these three areas and could actually be able to do each of them on my own, if ever needed.

Unit One: Scratch
Like I said, prior to this class, I didn't know what Scratch is and probably would've never found out had I not been in this class since I'm not really in to the "gaming" part of the web. I guess you would consider Scratch as gaming, considering most of the work I went through were game-based. For my project, I wanted to do something that incorporated the Behold the Griffin campaign that is currently going on at Seton Hill to improve the visibility of the Griffin mascot, since William and Mary has recently changed their mascot to a griffin as well.

Entries for Scratch
Scratch that...let's try something new.
Got an itch? Scratch it.

Final Project
Behold the Griffin Scratch

Unit Two: Inform 7

When we first did Inform 7 in Writing for the Internet, during my sophomore year, I hated everything about the game and struggled through getting a project finished. This year, however, though it was not really easy, it didn't seem as hard as I remember. Maybe I've just learned patience? Either way, I didn't mind doing Inform this time around and got pretty ambitious with it as well. Even though, there were a lot of dead ends in this project, I'm pretty proud of it since I really am not a fan of text adventure games, but instead of looking at it as something I dreaded doing, I looked at it as a different form of writing this time around. Which actually did help because I really do enjoy writing for the sake of it. (However, I'm not proud of it enough to post online because of the dead ends, but if anyone wants to play, I do still have it saved.)

Entries for Inform 7
Shopping always has been my favorite game
Let's get real here, Chels.
Not your everyday trip to the mall

Unit Three: HTML & CSS
I was alright with this unit, thinking I remembered a lot more than I actually did at first, but once I got going, it all started coming back to me. I plan on working with this website as my final project for the class because I know I could actually use this in the future and continue to add to it as needed, which I like because unlike the other two units, where once you post it, it's done. So expect to see an updated, finished and polished version of this by the end of the term.

Entries for HTML & CSS

I don't actually like red.

Final Project
Chelsea Oliver Online Portfolio

Throughout the semester, I have to say that I feel I've done really well. With Scratch, I really researched how to do certain things and pulled them together nicely for the finished product, I didn't give up on Inform from the beginning even though I remember not liking it from a class before and with HTML & CSS, I plan on continuing to work on and hopefully get better at, considering I want a really well polished final product of my website that will be my Online Portfolio.

October 13, 2010

I don't actually like red.

Alright, so HTML, what I thought I would like the most this semester, gave me a little bit of trouble that I wasn't expecting. From my sophomore year when we covered HTML in Writing for the Internet, I remember picking up this stuff pretty easily and doing quite well, in my opinion, for my final website project.

Going in with that mentality, I planned pretty big with my online portfolio, thinking I'd be able to fly through it like I remember doing before. But, I did have to scale back a little bit just to meet the time requirements, but I do plan on returning to this website as my final project for the course since I can actually use this in the most obvious ways, considering I would like to stand out from other applications in the future by having an online resume/portfolio that potential employers will be able to look through.

With this unit, I had a lot of refreshing to do and still have some dead ends on my website as it is, but plan on getting back to them and fixing everything up before the semester is over, so I can start to put the finished link on my print resume and email it out if needed/requested.

I'm excited for the final project because I also got a lot of great feedback during my usability testing and would like to incorporate the following things into a polished website.

The background color isn't awesome.

*Yeah, I know. I'm not actually a fan of the color either, except for on my current car. But I wanted to use a horizontal picture and that one is one of the only ones of me that I actually liked and the red background goes with the red rose petals.

The picture is old/unprofessional/the same on every page.
*Again, I just wanted to use a horizontal picture and yes I know it's a senior picture from high school. For the finished product I actually plan on having my photographer friend take multiple pictures of me that I can feature on this site (little PR for him and me!) to go along with each of the pages. So for example a picture of me writing will go on the writing page and hopefully get some pictures showing my personality will go throughout the site too. Considering a future employer might want to know ahead of time that I'm a ham and don't always lay around with rose petals in my hair.  It's about time I get back into modeling mode anyway...after all; I am a senior - time for senior pictures again!

Some pages lead to nothing.

*You are correct users. That's because I haven't figured out how I want them to look yet. Especially for the design pages, I want to be able to have PDF's or at least pictures of the work and I still have not the slightest clue how I want to put together my writing samples. (Ideas are welcome!)

Other comments like, the page is loading slowly on my laptop and it looks better on my iPad, I couldn't really do anything about - so I just explained what was up. (Which I must say, made me sound smarter than I actually am.) Well done, self. Overall, I'm pleased with what I have so far and cannot wait to continue working on it.