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October 19, 2010

Back to Scratch...

For the second half of the semester in my New Media class, we're going back over the three different programs that we've worked on so far in the course; Scratch, Inform 7 and HTML. First, we're getting back to Scratch.

For my first Scratch project, I did a Behold the Griffin little interactive video, but because we're coming back to the projects this gives me some time to polish it up. I know that the beginning section of my video went too fast and the answers had to be typed really quickly to move on so I've changed that to have an answer response box pop up where the player has to type into the box and click the check mark to move on to the next screen. Also, I noticed the backgrounds during the beginning were a little annoying, because of the maroon and gold colors and how they changed so much, so I toned those down to be a black gradient and gold writing, so even though that make the video look a little like the Steelers...it's better than the mixed up ketchup and mustard look it had going on earlier. (Not to mention I'm a Pittsburgh fan, so it looks good to me.)

Overall, I'm proud of this project, I think it's been pretty quality all along considering in early August I didn't know this site existed and in a little less than a month later I finished my first project. I'm impressive.

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