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October 20, 2010

Because this needs to stop.

Facebook has exploded over the past few weeks about Spirit Day. A day to remember the lives of people that have committed suicide because they were bullied for being homosexual. Well, today (10/20/10) was that day and I have to say I was very excited to see so much purple through out the halls of Seton Hill.

From students, to faculty and staff, there was a lot of spirit on the Hill today, which makes me feel comforted that we are living up to the mission statement of the university and beginning to "transform the world."

Why purple? Because the purple in the LGBT rainbow flag represents spirit. Why the need for a day dedicated to purple? Because we have missed out on what beautiful children had to offer the world because of bullying them for who they are. I think Ellen said it best in this video, posted after the news of Tyler Clementi took his life due to bullying.

I feel especially related to this issue because my best friend from home is openly gay, but it really encourages me to know that so many people are standing up to support young people that have to deal with being picked on just because they're not "normal." Andrew goes to Penn State Beaver and today their Gay-Straight Alliance club sat outside and did face painting of the NO H8 symbol while wearing their purple, I was so proud to hear him talking about how well it went 1) because that means he's involved in school activities and 2) he knows now for sure that he can be who he is, wherever he is, which makes me feel happy because I know he's safe. He and all of my other gay friends here at SHU are safe. But I'm sure there are still kids out there, who didn't see anyone in purple today. Kids who still live in fear or self hatred because no one stood up for them today.

Those are the kids we need to continue to stand up for. The ones that are in real danger, the ones that don't have best friends that love them and would do anything for them. The ones that have died - the ones we know about and the ones we've never heard of. It is bullshit that this is happening, that kids are still taking their lives and feeling like they are not worth the space they take up because some asshole told them that they are a queer, a homo, a lesbo, a dyke...and the list goes on.

Shut up if you've ever called someone these names and stand up if you're against precious lives thinking they're worthless because of some idiot's senseless teasing. 

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