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October 13, 2010

I don't actually like red.

Alright, so HTML, what I thought I would like the most this semester, gave me a little bit of trouble that I wasn't expecting. From my sophomore year when we covered HTML in Writing for the Internet, I remember picking up this stuff pretty easily and doing quite well, in my opinion, for my final website project.

Going in with that mentality, I planned pretty big with my online portfolio, thinking I'd be able to fly through it like I remember doing before. But, I did have to scale back a little bit just to meet the time requirements, but I do plan on returning to this website as my final project for the course since I can actually use this in the most obvious ways, considering I would like to stand out from other applications in the future by having an online resume/portfolio that potential employers will be able to look through.

With this unit, I had a lot of refreshing to do and still have some dead ends on my website as it is, but plan on getting back to them and fixing everything up before the semester is over, so I can start to put the finished link on my print resume and email it out if needed/requested.

I'm excited for the final project because I also got a lot of great feedback during my usability testing and would like to incorporate the following things into a polished website.

The background color isn't awesome.

*Yeah, I know. I'm not actually a fan of the color either, except for on my current car. But I wanted to use a horizontal picture and that one is one of the only ones of me that I actually liked and the red background goes with the red rose petals.

The picture is old/unprofessional/the same on every page.
*Again, I just wanted to use a horizontal picture and yes I know it's a senior picture from high school. For the finished product I actually plan on having my photographer friend take multiple pictures of me that I can feature on this site (little PR for him and me!) to go along with each of the pages. So for example a picture of me writing will go on the writing page and hopefully get some pictures showing my personality will go throughout the site too. Considering a future employer might want to know ahead of time that I'm a ham and don't always lay around with rose petals in my hair.  It's about time I get back into modeling mode anyway...after all; I am a senior - time for senior pictures again!

Some pages lead to nothing.

*You are correct users. That's because I haven't figured out how I want them to look yet. Especially for the design pages, I want to be able to have PDF's or at least pictures of the work and I still have not the slightest clue how I want to put together my writing samples. (Ideas are welcome!)

Other comments like, the page is loading slowly on my laptop and it looks better on my iPad, I couldn't really do anything about - so I just explained what was up. (Which I must say, made me sound smarter than I actually am.) Well done, self. Overall, I'm pleased with what I have so far and cannot wait to continue working on it. 

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