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October 29, 2010

Love, Chels (number two)

For my senior year, I am writing a column in The Setonian each issue to talk about things going on at Seton Hill. I'm considering them love letters, hate mail and everything in between, because although I adore Seton Hill, I do also see it's flaws. This column will address all of that with each issue printed. This is the second for the year.

Dear Seton Hill, I think it's time to start a revolution.
Alright so revolution is not really the word I’m looking for since its technical definition considers violence to be a major part, but what I have to say doesn’t want any part in the violent nonsense of a revolution. So let’s call this a peaceful revolution!

Recently I decided to revive the Feminist Collective. The mission of the club is to promote equality for women, to strive for a world without sexual and domestic violence and to raise money for an organization that helps victims of sexual and domestic violence, this year we have chosen to donate all of the money we raise at the end of the year to the Blackburn Center.

Now that I’m in a leadership position of an organization who is working towards making the world a better place, I’ve realized the number of other clubs, who have the sole purpose of helping others too. The ones that instantly come to mind are, Griffin’s at Work, SHU-A-THON, Make A Wish, Project H.O.P.E., SHU Red Cross Club and STAND.

Griffin’s at Work, formally known as Habitat Club, do their part through smaller Habitat for Humanity projects throughout Greensburg all year round and go on a week long trip every year, either during spring break or J-Term. SHU-A-THON does different fundraisers throughout the year and holds a dance marathon in the spring to raise money for a needy organization. This year, in memory of a SHU alum, they are giving their efforts to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation. Make A Wish Club raises money every year to grant a child a wish through the Make A Wish Foundation. Project H.O.P.E, formally the Social Work Club, visits different shelters and help where they see fit throughout the year while the Red Cross Club volunteers through the Westmoreland-Chestnut Ridge Chapter of the American Red Cross and STAND raises awareness about past and current genocides to hopefully bring a future without genocide and now the Feminist Collective raises money to help victims of sexual and domestic abuse.

These seven clubs have started the revolution of making a difference on our campus and in the community. So why isn’t the whole campus involved in this revolution? For those of you that are, you rock, keep up the good work. But those of you that are not involved, I challenge you to join in this year. Join one of these clubs or create your own! There are also plenty of opportunities through Campus Ministry to volunteer through events such as Labor of Love or Saturday of Service.

As Ghandi said, be the change you wish to see in the world. Seton Hill and the world in general for that matter, will not get any better if you’re sitting along the sidelines; do something about the things you don’t like. Make a difference. Change the world for the better. But keep this in mind, volunteering is not just something you do because it looks good on your resume, it’s something you need to be able to put your heart in to. What I have personally found out through volunteer work that I have done is that the people I am serving give me a lot more than I could ever try to give them. But the feeling of knowing you made a difference in any way is indescribable, but you will remember it forever.

So get out there! Now that Seton Hill is on the map because of all the hype around our iPads, let’s be sure it stays there because of the buzz our revolution will create.

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