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October 15, 2010

"Stop all your labelin', I'm Kellee a-Maize-ing"

I blogged about Kellee Maize last semester when I first heard her music and now I've noticed she is blowing up online. If you type in female rapper into Google, usually she comes up first...that is amazing. I hope she goes further and is able to really get out in the business, because honestly we need a female rapper out there that isn't focused on leaving little to the imagination by rapping about sex and showing off "their goodies" in their videos.

I love how this girl is staying true to Pittsburgh too. She's really doing a good thing and I really want her to be able to have a successful career and not be hated for doing something different and rapping about what she believes in. In her new video "Third Eye," I think it really shows how impressive she can be. Her outfits are beautiful and the location is perfect. And not to mention...the lyrics have been on repeat in my head for a few weeks now.

This is her video, for her new single, Third Eye. I love it, especially the part that says, "I don't really care what god you're praisin' or what herb you're blazin'..." because I have been (kind of) criticized for listening to her so much since she raps about her beliefs, that don't really match up with my own. But I love this line for one reason specifically, part of my beliefs are to accept everyone as they are and ultimately "meet them where they are" so through the way I live my life they'll be able to see the God I believe in. (Just to let everyone know.) So I think Kellee is saying the same thing in this song about her beliefs. 

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