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November 16, 2010

Love, Chels (three)

For my senior year, I am writing a column in The Setonian each issue to talk about things going on at Seton Hill. I'm considering them love letters, hate mail and everything in between, because although I adore Seton Hill, I do also see it's flaws. This column will address all of that with each issue printed. This is the second for the year.


As a Seton Hill University Student Ambassador (SHUSA) I have a wonderful opportunity called Phonathon. It is a great honor to know that I am among a few students that get to talk to alumni about their memories of Seton Hill University (SHU), discuss the changes going on now, and to ultimatelyask them to donate to SHU’s annual fund. But it’s so much more than asking them for money.

Although not all SHUSA members agree with me, I think Phonathon is the greatest opportunity we have as student ambassadors. We have the privilege of talking to alum about the things they loved while they were on the Hill and compare those memories to the ones we’re making on our own.

On Monday, Nov. 8, I was assigned the graduating classes of 1947, 1948 and 1949. These are some of our eldest alum, but each one of them that I was able to talk to had crystal clear, fond memories of SHU (then Seton Hill College) and the lifelong friendships they made here. These memories are actually very much like the ones I have created here over the last four years. It was such an honor to hear from these remarkable women and listen to them marvel at how beautiful the campus is and how nice everyone was while they were here.

I hope you all are making those fond memories as well. I hope that you realize that the friends you are making now will be lifelong friends. Even though when the class of 1947 graduated, they did not imagine that there would be as many buildings on campus as we have now, they had the same primary value I think we have to this day: community. SHU is a community, a family. We all know that everyone knows everyone and that’s a great thing to have during these four years.

One of the women I talked to, right after I introduced myself said, “I hope you adore Seton Hill, just like we did.” It is such a great realization to see that we walk on sacred ground. That many years before us, students were making the same memories we’re making now, in the same hallways, in the same dorms, the same dining hall, the same classrooms and all of the lawns and spaces in between. The memories that we’re making here are what makes SHU so beloved.

So keep making those memories. Keep building those lifelong friendships; keep loving SHU. Learn to accept its flaws, but realize that anywhere you go will not be “perfect” and let yourself love this Hill. I know I will, but I hope all of you will as well. Pick up the phone in 60 plus years and tell that student caller your memories. I bet he or she will smile and reflect on the memories that they have made on the Hill as well and realize that their past years as a student have been nothing but beautiful.

Oh, it's the most wonderful time...

Well, it's about the time to start wrapping up the projects we're doing in New Media Projects so here is what I plan on doing for my term project.


Term project plans: in terms of your creative, technical, and personal goals.

For my term project I plan on polishing and finishing my online portfolio. I want to make it stand out among the others so creatively I plan on getting professional (up-to-date) pictures for the site and make a background color that's pleasing to the eye and goes well with the pictures that isn't as bold as before. Technically I want to be able to post PDF's of my work and actually get good, major content on the pages as well. Personally, I want this project to actually be worth my time...which it will be since I can use it after this course.


What do you intend to have ready by Thursday?
Since I'm starting my page completely over again - by Thursday I plan to have all of the colors changed and the basic layout of how the pages will work and link to each other.

By Tuesday?

Polish, polish, polish.

What technical details make you feel confident?

Umm...HTML isn't really that hard to figure out so I'm fairly confident that I'll do fine.

November 11, 2010

Cue "The Final Countdown."

Alright so we are finishing the three major projects we've begun in my New Media Projects class, Scratch, Inform 7 and HTML & CSS. It's been an interesting ride to say the least. Here's my portfolio of my projects for the last time.



I liked Scratch - even though I had no idea what it was prior to this class, I found it easy to use and overall a nice program (since it never gave error messages) and since it was so kid-friendly and colorful it was always nice, visually, to work with it in that way too.

I'm really proud of my Scratch project. I accomplished everything I set out to do with it and enjoy the outcome. From the beginning I didn't really have many frustrations with the project since it was so easy to work with and I like how it turned out in the end.

Changes I made to the project.

Laura testing my Scratch project.


Inform 7

Well, since I have a biased opinion against Inform 7 I tried to make my project into game that I wouldn't mind playing. So there are a lot of things to examine and look at and really without looking at everything, you don't understand the character. I also tried a lot of things that I wouldn't have thought of testing out the last time I worked on Inform, during my sophomore year, so I'm feeling okay about this project...but I still don't like Inform.

Megan testing my game.

Showing my changes after Megan's test.



I liked the idea of making an online portfolio into an iPad friendly website. Even though I don't know too many people outside of Seton Hill that actually have one, I'm sure they will be getting bigger in the coming years and improving as well, so this was something useful to learn about. I'm okay with this project since I know I'll be coming back to it for my final project in the course and can really fix it up for use after this class.

Me going through my website

Coryn telling me what to change  and Coryn telling me some more things



I'm happy with the work that I've done in this course. I like that I learned how to use Scratch (even though I'll probably never use it again) I'm glad that I don't hate Inform as much as I did before this class and I'm glad that I have an online portfolio that I can actually use if I wanted to.

For my final project I'm focusing on completely redoing my online portfolio to make it even more iPad friendly and just an overall better design and features. Hopefully it'll turn out just as well as I think everything else did.