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November 16, 2010

Oh, it's the most wonderful time...

Well, it's about the time to start wrapping up the projects we're doing in New Media Projects so here is what I plan on doing for my term project.


Term project plans: in terms of your creative, technical, and personal goals.

For my term project I plan on polishing and finishing my online portfolio. I want to make it stand out among the others so creatively I plan on getting professional (up-to-date) pictures for the site and make a background color that's pleasing to the eye and goes well with the pictures that isn't as bold as before. Technically I want to be able to post PDF's of my work and actually get good, major content on the pages as well. Personally, I want this project to actually be worth my time...which it will be since I can use it after this course.


What do you intend to have ready by Thursday?
Since I'm starting my page completely over again - by Thursday I plan to have all of the colors changed and the basic layout of how the pages will work and link to each other.

By Tuesday?

Polish, polish, polish.

What technical details make you feel confident?

Umm...HTML isn't really that hard to figure out so I'm fairly confident that I'll do fine.


To be honest...I liked the red.

But I definitely know where you're coming from with the ideas of professional pictures. I'm having the same problem. The last time I had a "nice" picture taken, it was my high school senior pictures. And honestly, I hated 95% of them.

I feel like your site is going to come out really, really well.

Chelsea, I think your portolio looks great, a bit red, but you said you will fix that :) haha. I loved your idea of having a shorter like home page thing where you can go to get an idea of what you are in for with your site. I wish other sites were like that rather than throwing everything in your face at once. Good job, can't wait to see the final!

I'm interested in how you'll approach the design and layout of the site.

Chelsea, I think it's a great idea that you want to include PDFs of some of your works on your online portfolio. How do you plan to change the layout for the internal pages?

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