April 1, 2004

Poetry Slam

I decided for my poem that I would like an upbeat comical presentation, therefore, I choose Hippopotathaliamus by John Hall Wheelock. It is a beautiful tale of love at first sight between two hippopotimi. Yes, it is the story of first love which was almost lost but has a happy ending. The poem is up so get pumped!

A hippopotamus had a bride
f rather singular beauty,
When he lay down at her side
'Twas out of love, not duty--
Hers was an exceptional beauty.
Take, oh take those lips away, etc.

He met her in central Nigeria,
While sje was resident there,
Where life is distintly superior
And a hippo can take down her hair--
And, God, she was fair!
Take, oh take those lips away, etc.

She was coming up from her morning swin
When they first chanced tp meet:
He looked at her, she looked at him,
And stood with reluctant feet
Where mud and river meet.
Take, oh take those lips away, etc.

Their eyes-beams, twisted on one thread,
Instantaneously did twine,
And he made up poetry in his head,
Such as:"Dear heart, be mine"--
And he quoted, line for line,
"Hail to thee, blithe spirit", etc.

Now hippopotamoid courtesy
Is strangely meticulous--
A beautiful thing, you will agree,
In a hippopotamus--
And she answered, briefly, thus:
"Hail to thee, blithe spirit," etc.

Perhaps she was practising the arts
That grace old Hippo's daughter,
The coquetries that wn all hearts,
For, even ad he besought her,
She slid into the water
Out, out brief candel, etc.

The course of true love never yet
Ran smooth we are told,
With thorns its pathway is beset
And perils manifold,
So was it from old.
Out, out brief candel, etc.

Yet soon a happier morning smiles,
The marriage feast is spread--
The flower girls were crocodiles,
When hippopotamus lead
Hippopotamus, with firm tread,
A bride to the bridal bed.
Milton, thou should'st be living at this hour.

Posted by ChelsieBetz at April 1, 2004 8:20 PM