January 4, 2006

Conquering the Soul

This tour an interresting look into the aspect of religion and how the people of this time viewed God. The idea of an infinite being and life being eternal had to be a terrifying concept to grasp for the indigienous people of Cuenavaca and the rest of Mexico. Many of them were caught up on just surviving by living off the earth but had no control over the weather or the land. It is no surprise that they decided to worship gods of things in nature as a way of trying to control the world around them. When the Spanish came trying to spread the gospel they did it by force instead of in a loving way which was how it was intended to be presented. The idea of love your neighbor as yourself was thrown out the window. If the Spanairds taught by example instead and trusted God to change hearts of others have been less bloodshed. The indigienous people need to recieve a revelation of their identity in Christ individually, and NOT by another imperfect human telling them how to act or behave.

Posted by ChelsieBetz at January 4, 2006 7:23 PM