February 21, 2004

Habitat 4 Humanity

As I am getting ready to go on the 7 hour drive to Kentucky with campus ministry, one thought is running through my head. What am I getting myself into? I signed up for this because I have always wanted to help Habitat for Humanity since I was in 9th grade. Since the countdown has started I am begining to realize what an impact this experience could have on my life.

I am going to be exposed to people who live with the bare minimum. As a group we will be responsible for improving the living conditions of a family. This worries me a bit. I am not very good with using power tools or lifting heavy objects. I guess I will try and do my best and the 20 of us will work together and give it our all . I think that I will try to show that we are there to help others in the name of Jesus and are doing God's will. I hope that we touch the lives of all those around us so they know that Christ loves them and wants them to be fruitful and happy. So I guess all i can say is In God I trust and I believe that he has a great purpose for our group to be there. ONWARD!

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February 17, 2004

Vent 2

As i am gathering information about my subject i am finding it at a decent pace when ever i am online. ebsco host is awesome. then i come to the library. the pace goes to a slow crawl. the voyager cataloague truncates my search or it has no hits for famous american poets. hmmmm that seems odd that a LIBRARY has no books or at least calims to have no books about the subjects that the students are studying, GRRRRRRR!!!!!! how am i suppose to get any work done when the library carries few sources newer that the year 1982. AHHHH and we are expected to work like this please!

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Vent Session

i am going crazy my classes aren't that bad the one thing that i cannot stand is having sufficianttime to complete an assignment well. as i attempt to understand all that is due and try to get it in on time i think, if i am able to to do it in a more complete manner but turn it in on time is it worth it. i refuse to make myself sick over school. its not worth being here if you work more thatn you enjoy it. AHHHHHHHHHHH! ok i think i am done for now. Grrrrrrrrr! now i mean it.

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February 14, 2004

Robert Frost~ Never Again Would Birds' Song Be the Same

Frost's poem really speaks to me. I enjoy the reverence he has for God's creation. He shows Eve respect that even nature presents her. This is evident in the line "Never again would birds song be the same. And to do that to birds is why she came." The very idea that God created Eve with the gift of song that would challenge event he most harmonious bird is a beautiful conecept to me.

Frost poem can be read by clicking the link. Tell me what you think.

Never Again Would Birds' Song Be the Same

He would declare and could himself believe that the birds there in all the garden round From having heard the daylong voice of Eve had added to their own oversound, Her tone of meaning without words. Admittedly an eloquence so soft could only have had an influence on birds when call or laughter carried it aloft. Be that as it may be, she was in there song . Moreover her voice upon their voices crossed had noe persisted in the woulds so long that probably it never would be lost. Never again would birds' song be the same. And to do that is why she came.

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February 08, 2004

My own Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jeckle or Mr. Hyde
Why can't you pick the one you want to be
Pick one and stay that way
Never show a glint of the other personality

I know about your addiction but why are your eyes blind
unable to see the problems that you posses

Reveal them yourself
don't make me the bad guy
Mr. Hyde why do you make her cry
she's given you too many chances but now it is finished
Find a place to run and hide or prepare to change

Come back Dr. Jeckle
I miss your smiling eyes the ones so many say I've aquired

We miss your laid back attitude
your crazy foolish ways of showing us you care no wait come back-
Please stay
Why must you abandon us you look then run away no responsbility can be found
When Mr. Hyde comes around

He screams and says nasty things terrorising anybody in his presence
Controlled by a drink
Our nerves are shot
were on the brink of running away from this town
You made our name a mockery

Instead we plant our feet and grit our teeth and just when you think you have one you see the battle has just commenced

You broken soul so far fom hope
Why didn't you choose us over drinks is it impossible for you to care anymore

No woman to cling to no children to watch grow and no home
Your alone

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February 07, 2004


And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.
-1 John 4:16

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February 05, 2004

Glaspell v. Fitzgerald

The short stories of Bernice Bobs Her Hair and a Jury of Her Peers are quite opposite in their portrayal of women. One contributing factor is the sex of the authors. Fitzgerald, a male, wrote Bernice Bobs Her Hair while Ms. Susan Glaspell authored A Jury of Her Peers.


The short stories of Bernice Bobs Her Hair and a Jury of Her Peers are quite opposite in their portrayal of women. One contributing factor is the sex of the authors. Fitzgerald, a male, wrote Bernice Bobs Her Hair while Ms. Susan Glaspell authored A Jury of Her Peers. Glaspell’s story focuses on the solidarity of women in order to protect one another. The main characters Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale are helping their husbands collect evidence in the Whitman house, neighbors of theirs, where Mr. Whitman was strangled in his sleep. By paying attention to what Mr. Henderson, Mr. Hale Sheriff Peters call women’s trifles, Mrs. Hales and Mrs. Peters are able to see how her abusive husband crushed the spirit of Mrs. Whitman. Finally, the women discover the body of a strangled canary in Mrs. Whitman is sewing box. They decided not to share this with the men because it would surely convict Mrs. Whitman who already suffered at the hands of her deceased husband enough.
Fitzgerald shows the ugly competitive side of women in Bernice Bobs Her Hair. Marjorie and Bernice are cousins but are total opposites. Marjorie gossips about Bernice and complains how dull she is. Bernice finds out threatens to leave, but Marjorie knows that her aunt will be upset with her if she goes. She attempt to help Bernice by teaching her how to get men to notice her. Unfortunately, for Marjorie it works too well. Warren McIntyre once devoted to Marjorie, begins to spend much of his time with Bernice. She will not have that and decides to challenge Bernice to do something she has only talked about, bob her hair. Bernice accepts the challenge so she does not loose her newfound popularity. Unfortunately, the results were unbecoming. Revenge is Bernice is whenever she decides to run off into the night, but not before cutting Marjorie’s long braids the night before her big party. In examining the main events in these stories, it is obvious how differently the characters of these women where revealed.
Glaspells characters of full of dimension and are dynamic thinkers. I believe this is imparted by her insight into a woman’s mind because she is one. The characters in Fitzgerald’s story are rather flat, but that could also be due to their youth. He shows women as deceitful and cunning towards one another most of the time. Though some bonding occurred, the ties were severed because if petty jealousy. Bernice Bobs Her Hair and A Jury of Her Peers are two examples of how an authors place in the world can contribute in their work.

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Good Quote

"Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes, how do you measure the life of woman or a man? In minutes, in daylights, in midnights in cups of coffee in inches, in miles, in laughter in strife. How about LOVE...."

~Seasons of Love from the musical Rent

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Measuring Greatness

Measuring Greatness Jay Gatspy vs. Nick Carraway
~Dishonestly worked up through
the ranks
~Didn't finish college
~ Forgot his true past
~Obsessed with Daisy
~ Mysterious

~College Grad
~Good sense of where he came from
~Watched out for Daisy

*feel free to continue posting the good bad and the ugly about Nick and Jay ;-)

In my opinion Gatspy was popular because of his worldy possestions rather than being a great man. He did not do anything extrodiary like saving a baby from a burning building or win the nobel peace prize. He was constantly trying to aquire something that he couldn't have such as Daisy. Melissa Whiteman, one of my group members, lists even more of the 'ungreat Gatspy'

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