April 22, 2004

Devoted Please....

In Donanld Kuhns's blog entry about A Street Car Named Desire, He mentioned that Stella was respectful and devoted to Blanch even though she decieved her. I do not see Blanch as a devoted sister. If she was devoted she would have fought for the justice Blanch deserved after being raped by Stanley. I think Blanch was crazy for staying with him, but I do realize that her options were limited. I just think that since Blanch was Stella's sister that she would have som e presidence over Stanley, especially since thaty have only been married a short time. Stella tells Eunice "I couldn't believe her story and go on living with Stanley"(133) . I think that she finally realized too late what she was doing to her sister while the doctor is taking her away, Stella exclaims"What have I done to my sister? Oh God, what have I done to my sister?". Unfortunately, Stanley still had his power over her when he was caressing her arm at the end and saying "Now honey, now love, now, now love..." IDevoted sister? Please!

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About Abuse

Emily Evan's Blog and Renee Belville's Bolgs both have a focus on abuse in the play A Streetcar Named Desire. Renee's blog paid more attention to Stella's acceptance of abuse and denial. Just as long as he fixed what he broke everything was back to normal “The radio is fixed. It didn’t land on the pavement so only one tube was smashed” (64). Renee also mentioned that drinking was a big factor in Stanley's behavior according to Stella, “He promised this morning that he was going to quit having these poker parties, but you know how long such a promise is going to keep. Oh well, it’s his pleasure…”(65). In Emily's blog she is more concerned with static's in regaurd to marital abuse and rape. I think that Renee and Emily where both very informative in their blog presentations and supported their points with useful links.

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April 21, 2004

Blogga-rif-ic ... well sorta

When I first started blogging I found that I was dreading it. I had a ton of other things I could have been doing instead. After I started getting comments and commenting on other's blogs myself it began to be more worth while. I don't really know if I like the blog portfolios but i guess that a good way to be graded. I hope to keep up with my blog if possible, but iI am close to being sad that EL267 is ending because we have an awesome class! But we will move on to bigger and better things. :-)

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April 15, 2004


I am absolutely amazed at how much I can accomplish within a 12 hour period. I awoke with a Thesis to write, sources to find, a poem to type, a t-shirt to design, and a dance to begin a choreograph. WOW not that may not seem like a lot to do but it had to all be done before 6pm. By running around like a chicken with its head cut off I accomplished each thing little by little in small chunks. BY GOLLY IT WORKED. I think I must of had a bit of Divine Intervention too. Yeah for time management!!

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Poetry Slam part II

I had a thoroughly fun time in EL267 this evening. We had our poetry slam and everyone did a great job especially Carla Rae and Hoffer. Carla for her dramatics and Hoffer for her comedy. I didn't do to bad if i do say so myself. Oh yeah i forgot Anthony' s speech, he even had crown participation (a little too high tech for my taste;-) j/k.) To read the poem I check out Poetry Slam part I. Until then I am preparing for the next one, I definitely enjoy nurturing the drama queen in me. Stay tuned for a bran new poem that will be posted for the world to critique.:-D

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April 1, 2004

Poetry Slam

I decided for my poem that I would like an upbeat comical presentation, therefore, I choose Hippopotathaliamus by John Hall Wheelock. It is a beautiful tale of love at first sight between two hippopotimi. Yes, it is the story of first love which was almost lost but has a happy ending. The poem is up so get pumped!

A hippopotamus had a bride
f rather singular beauty,
When he lay down at her side
'Twas out of love, not duty--
Hers was an exceptional beauty.
Take, oh take those lips away, etc.

He met her in central Nigeria,
While sje was resident there,
Where life is distintly superior
And a hippo can take down her hair--
And, God, she was fair!
Take, oh take those lips away, etc.

She was coming up from her morning swin
When they first chanced tp meet:
He looked at her, she looked at him,
And stood with reluctant feet
Where mud and river meet.
Take, oh take those lips away, etc.

Their eyes-beams, twisted on one thread,
Instantaneously did twine,
And he made up poetry in his head,
Such as:"Dear heart, be mine"--
And he quoted, line for line,
"Hail to thee, blithe spirit", etc.

Now hippopotamoid courtesy
Is strangely meticulous--
A beautiful thing, you will agree,
In a hippopotamus--
And she answered, briefly, thus:
"Hail to thee, blithe spirit," etc.

Perhaps she was practising the arts
That grace old Hippo's daughter,
The coquetries that wn all hearts,
For, even ad he besought her,
She slid into the water
Out, out brief candel, etc.

The course of true love never yet
Ran smooth we are told,
With thorns its pathway is beset
And perils manifold,
So was it from old.
Out, out brief candel, etc.

Yet soon a happier morning smiles,
The marriage feast is spread--
The flower girls were crocodiles,
When hippopotamus lead
Hippopotamus, with firm tread,
A bride to the bridal bed.
Milton, thou should'st be living at this hour.

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