The Great Gatsby (Fitzgerald)

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"Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone" he told me "just remember that all the people in the world haven't had the advantages as you've had." pg. 1

This is a quote that the narrator (Nick) is quoting of something his father had once said to him.  It reminds me of what my family says to me; that I have many more advantages than some other people and that I cannot take anything for granted.  And that judging someone else won't make me feel better about myself because it only shows that I am jealous of them. 

This quote also reflects in some way Nick when he goes into New York with Daisy's husband Tom to visit Tom's other girl.   Nick doesn't criticize in any way on the trip or while they are there, although he does know it is incredibly wrong.  Tom, on the other hand, does not criticize Myrtle knowing that she doesn't have a great life with her current husband.  But from my standpoint, it is ridiculously rude for Tom to be dating another woman while he is married and has a kid and I think that is criticizable.


On another note, I love how when Nick goes to New York with Tom that everyone is fascinated when they find out that Nick is Mr. Gatsby's neighbor.  What is so great about Gatsby? On page 39 it talks about how  Gatsby has many people over to his place, yet Nick just watches from the window. It also interests me about why if Nick does not like to be lonely why he won't go over to Gatsby's.  However, as interesting as Nick is Gatsby is even more interesting especially when he buys a girl a new dress when she rips hers.  This kind of information just makes me keep reading the book wanting to know more!



Alyssa Sanow said:

The idea that Nick should not judge others is a noble one of which all readers should take heed. I heard the same speech from my parents as a grew up. In Nick's situation, however, his unwillingness to judge others like Gatsby, Daisy, and Tom make him more easily manipulated by them. It also gave me the impression that he had no real personal values because he never spoke out against the actions of others like Tom's affair.

Juli Banda said:

The quote that you picked also stuck out to me. I commemorate Nick for not criticizing people because so many people criticize each other every day of their lives. The fact that he can be the bigger person and keep his comments to himself makes me appreciate him as a person.

Also, the point you brought up about Gatsby was a vary good one to bring up since his name is in the book title and the narrator briefly mentions him in the first two pages of the book as representing "everything for which I have an unaffected scorn." This makes it seem that the narrator looks up to Gatsby and it shows that Gatsby will be a big part of the book. I can not wait to learn about this character.

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