The Road Not Taken (Robert Frost)

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Line 1 "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

       2 And sorry I could not travel both."

Frost talking about a yellow wood reminds me of the yellow brick road from The Wizard of Oz and how they have to choose which way to go on the yellow brick road wondering if they were going the right way. Frost said he is sorry he didn't travel both because with their being two different roads there are two different adventures.  I believe life is like that in many ways.  There's almost always two ways to do something or two ways to go in your life somehow and you wonder which one you should take and which one would suit you better. 


Line 18 "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I --

       19 I took the one less traveled by,

       20 And that has made all the difference."

He regrets in a way which way he took down the yellow wood road.  Although, the road he took made a difference in his life.  I'm sure many people have done something they wish they could take back and do the opposite but still in some way the decision they made had made an impact on their life.  Sometimes in a way I wish I could take back my decision on choosing this university.  But at the same time I have learned so much about myself and have met many great people that have impacted me in some way by being here.  So sometimes I do think about transferring, taking that other path, but I think that that path may not be as good as I think it may be.


Chelsie, you've done a good job explaining your personal reaction to these lines.

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Oh I thought I did. I posted 2 other reflections too. Did I not put them in the correct place?

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Nikita McClellan said:

I like the idea of think of comparing Frost's poem with the wizard of Oz. Dorothy mostly defiantly could have went on a different path, but she choose to "follow the yellow brick road".
Everyone has choces and they are not easy but they must be made either way.

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