Not Everyone Lives in the Same Community

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Foster states in Chapter 9 It's Greek to Me that "Every community has its own body of story that matters" (pg.65).

I believe he is right about this.  I think many authors write about something that has happened to them or someone that they know (maybe in their community).  If everyone lived in the same community life would be boring.  Just like if all books were written the same way about the same thing just with different names it'd be boring.  My community and yours are different and because of that we each have expierienced different things and have our own bodies of stories.  What happens in my community matters to me, such as classmates being in a car accident, when it doesn't matter to you because you're not from my community to understand or really care about the story and vice versa.  Sometimes when reading books we may wonder why the author thought to write about this and we might ask if they're even speaking English because we don't understand them (which is where the title of the chapter 'It's Greek to Me' is saying).  We need to understand each other and respect other's community and matters so when our own body of story comes out it does matter, not just to the person who belongs to the community but people outside as well.


Alicia Campbell said:

I totally agree with you. I also took community to mean gender, race, age, and anything else that, in a sense, divides us. Because of these divisions, we interpret and respond to literature differently. Your interpretation reminded me of an occurrence in my high school English Class. While discussing Toni Morrison's "Beloved", one of my classmates said she wished we didn't have to read the story because it was sad and depressing. While this is definitely true, and the characters may not be real, some people actually did experience such sad,depressing things at some point in time, and maybe even to this day. As an African American aware of the past, I responded differently to the work than my Caucasian classmate, but it is important for all of us to read about such things to be able to connect and understand one another, despite our differences.

P.S. If you didn't read "My Sister's Keeper", you definitely should!!!

Carlos Peredo said:

It's very true that authors write about their own experiences. Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre and Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis are two stories that critics agree are fiction, but might as well be autobiographical. While the actual plot might not be real, the underlying message is the same as if the author had simply written an autobiography.

Christopher Dufalla said:

While people live in different places, go through different experiences, and see different faces, we are all in the world community. I agree with what you said about respect, Chelsie. We all inhabit the earth, and even though we live in different communities and experience different occurrences there are many similarities. I suppose that we could relate this back to Foster's idea of one story. While the faces, names, and circumstnaces might be different, each community has its share of joy, sadness, sorrow, terror, and hope. Thus, people must respect the happenings within one commmunity because it is possible that a similar event will take place in another community, whether the event is good or bad.

ChelsieBitner Author Profile Page said:

I will definitely have to read that! Thanks! :)

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