Stones-stones-small stones

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Helen Jones kills hers husband with small stones in a bottle which is foreshadowed in Episode 7:

Voices: Stones - stones - precious stones -

Lover: Had to get free, didn't I? Free?

Voices: Free? Free?



The Young Woman, who we find out is Helen Jones, hears about someone killing someone with an bottle full of stones to be free.  That gives her the idea how to "do away with her husband".

The whole book foreshadows. 

Episode 7 talks about the moon and how she says she cannot sleep with the moon.  She says she never sleeps.  During the trial in Episode 8 The Young Woman says "I heard a noise and I awoke..." p. 65) but she says later on page 68 when asked about how she saw the blood on her husband that "I couldn't sleep - I can never sleep in the bright moon. I never can." She keeps contradicting herself about the details.

When talking about love in Episode 2 the Young Woman says "I've always thought I'd find somebody - somebody young - and - and attractive - with wavy hair - wavy hair - I always think of children with curls - little curls all over their head - somebody young - and attractice - and that I'd like - that I'd love - But I haven't dound anybody like that yet - I haven't found anybody - I've hardly known anybody - you'd never let me go with anybody and -

She says she wants love and has an idea of who she wants to marry and how she wants her kids to look.  So she did want kids, which I found surprising because when she had hers she didn't seem to want to be around her kid.

However, when the Young Woman talks about love with her mother her mother just talks about how love doesn't give you certain things.  So she is only after her husband's money like Daisy was in the Great Gatsby.


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