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In Chapter 12 of Foster he states:

"Imagination isn't fantasy.  That is to say, we can't simply invent meaning without the writer, or if we can, we ought not to hold her to it.  Rather, a reader's imagination is the act of one creative intelligence engaging another." ( Foster, p. 107)

Imaginations are a huge part of a writer.  Thinking of things in their heads make great books.  Having a reality tied in with an imagination makes a phenomenal book. 

The quote above ties in with a quote from Chapter 25:

"The formula I generally offer is: don't read with your eyes." (Foster, p. 228)

Not reading with your eyes and reading with your imagination or your ears or mouth or something else.  Being an imaginative person rather than a plain boring person is better.  Not reading with your eyes makes you look at things in a different perspective, makes you think more and I think that is what Foster means by saying don't read with your eyes and to have an imagination. 


Julianne Banda said:


I agree with you. The two chapters seemed to almost fit together in a way. I also wrote in my blog about the quote from chapter 25. I like how you saw the similarities between chapters 12 and 25 because before reading your blog, I didn't notice the similarities.

Also, I agree that to be a writer you have to have a huge imagination to be able to think us such elaborate stories with symbols and motifs. I believe that when a writer is writing a story they want the reader to use their imagination and that is why sometimes the stories aren't as specific as we sometimes would like them to be.

Carlos Peredo said:

I think it's kind of funny. All Foster really said was "Don't be lame. Think about things as more than they are!" Sure, it's a good message, but I would hope that we're all doing that anyways.

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