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"Things have changed pretty dramatically in terms of equating scars or deformities with moral shortcomings or divine displeasure, but in literature we continue to understand  physical imperfection in symbolic terms.  It has to do with being different, really.  Sameness doesn't present us with metaphorical possibilities, whereas difference -- from the average, the typical, the unexpected -- is always rich with possibility." (Foster, 194).

Sameness is boring to people.  Sameness, likeness, is boring to me personally.  I believe people need to be different.  If we were all the same it would be a boring world, right?

Being different makes you rich, not literally as in money, rich as a person, an individual.  Differences make many possibilities, many actions you can take, many DIFFERENT  paths to take. 

Writing the same stories over and over again can and will eventually become boring.  Writing the same type stories with some differences can be better.  But writing completely different stories will be better in every way for the writer.  Being able to be diverse goes a long way.

Be different, it is "always rich with possibility." 


Christopher Dufalla said:

Differences can make life interesting. There is definitely something to be said for consistancy, but consistancy and indifference are two separate ideas. Diversity and variation can indeed make a person rich and colorful. Consistancy can sometimes mean "the same exact thing", but there is variation within consistancy. A writer can consistantly have best-selling novels, but they could be novels ranging from horror to science fiction, from adventure to murder mystery. Diversity can exist within consistancy. Perhaps being diverse can lead to consistant success. Look at Christopher Walken as an actor. He's played everything from psychopaths to the comedic roles in "Joe Dirt" and "Hairspray". He is consistantly successful, yet diverse in his acting.

Carlos Peredo said:

What keeps us from falling into in the classic catch 22? If everyone longs to be different then don't we all secretly want to be equal in our diversity?

I too appreciate uniqueness, but I think there is a great importance in sameness as well. Social structure and things such as norms and taboos are based on sameness and without it life would be quite impossible. After all, when you meet someone knew, is it easier to spark conversation by finding your differences or by seeking out what the two of you have in common?

Chelsie Bitner said:

After reading your two's comments I do agree that sameness needs to be a part of the world as well as difference. People like to be different, but then they also like to be the same. Like Carlos said conversations are easier to spark by seeking out what people have in common.

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