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Blogging has gotten easier and more "fun" I guess you could say during the second half of the semester.  From learning how to close read more and for figuring out how to analyze different quotes in different types of books has made me a stronger student in literature.  I have learned a lot from my own blogs and definitely other students' blogs.  I've learned more about the books and points that I missed, glanced over, or just didn't understand the point. 

I have accomplished being able to close read and to analyze what I am reading.  This class has taught me how to do this more and more each week and I am glad to have learned about blogging and what it can teach individuals. 


This portfolio of blogs contains blogs from readings such as Foster's How to Read Literature Like a Professor, different poetry selections from Theodore Roethke and Sylvia Plath, Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man, Audrey Niffenegger's The Time-Traveler's Wife, and Arthur Miller's Resurrection Blues.  Of these works The Time-Traveler's Wife was by far my favorite because it was a modern work that I could understand the best and it was an "easy" read in that I didn't want to put it down.  All of the other ones I loved to put down!

The portfolio is separated into 5 parts: Coverage, Timeliness, Interaction, Depth, and Discussion.  When I get to  each of the different parts it will explain how a blog got chosen for that part. 


Coverage- Most of my blogs were taken from direct quotes from the book.  I found it easier to talk about and give evidence of why I thought what I did about the quote and the book or work in general:

Resurrection Blues


My Papa's Waltz

Hundred Dollar Bill


Timeliness- Most of my blogs were done on time.  I am including a few I did early and a few that I have not linked anywhere else in this blog.

Early entries:

Resurrection Blues (it was done a week early!!)


sex, sEX, SEX (This one was done about a month early because I wanted to finish all of Foster to get somewhat ahead in class. It worked out somewhat in my favor, except for the fact that I could have blogged about this sex tying in with the sex from The Time-Traveler's Wife)

  • Most of my entries were on time minus three when I did them the day before they were due because of business of that week. 


Interaction- These blogs are ones that had other people leaving comments and continuing a discussion about what I wrote about.  It had different people interacting in some way or another. It was exciting for me this second half of blogging because more people blogged on mine and there were many that had good conversations because of my blogs.  It made me feel better about my blogging and like I was "growing" in my blogging!! Thank you to all who left comments!

Save the Family!

Make a DIFFERENCE in the World

sex, sEX, SEX

American Dream

The Time-Traveler's Wife


Depth- These blogs include ones inspired me or I just had a lot to say about the matter.  I always liked when I read something that I thought that I had a lot to say about it because it made for a good blog. 



sex, sEX, SEX

Make a DIFFERENCE in the World

Discussion -These are some blogs that I commented on of other people's to help spark a discussion.  Some people went off of what I said or considered what I had said in my comment.  It may not have been a long discussion but for someone responding to me was nice and made me feel like I could help someone else understand something. 

 Alicia Campbell's Dualism

Alicia Campbell's Fatal Attraction

Aja Hannah's The (Non) Rape of Sybil!

Aja Hannah's Racism at its best



I honestly may miss blogging.  It helps a lot for class discussions because everyone has had something to say (hopefully) and one person can bring up a point that no one else really thought of and then they can sit there and think "Wow! I never thought of it like that." It's a great way to have a class so everyone can be involved, alert, listening, and participating!


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