Resurrection Blues!

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Skip, looking up,: Charles? You simply have to return, there's no question about it.  I will only remind you that my agency has a signed contract with this government to televise your crucifixion and we have paid a substanial sum of money for the rights.  I will forebear mentioning our stockholders, many of them widows and aged persons, who have in good faith bough shares--show yourself and serve your legal sentence.  I want to assure you that everyone from the top of my company to the bottom will be everlastingly grateful and will mourn your passing all the days of our lives.  -- A practical note: the sun is rapidly going down so may I have the favor of a quick reply? Thank you very much.  (Miller 107).


I just found this quote interesting in how they try talking him into the live crucifixion.   I never really think about the crucifixion in the present time, I only think about what I know about it from the Bible.  Obviously in biblical time there was no tv to have this event on air and so no one was getting money for it.  Stockholders weren't even being close to being around.  I just thought if it happened in modern day it would be a little different.  I think that many people woudl want it televised but to make it as big of a deal and many people wanting it so bad for the money.  I would picture it as important and everyone flocking to where it would be held.  It would be on television, but I wouldn't think the television people would not be making commercials and the fact that he should show up a big deal. 


what did you think as you were reading? what would you picture it as?


I think it is just crazy to think about, if we had everything we did now, but all of the Bible stories happened over again, and I mean the crucifixion? but knowing everything we do now? It's really mind-boggling, and I guess that is what Miller was trying to say with the 'son of God' character having such a hard time deciding on whether or not he wanted to die, because if we really had that situation today, how unethical would that be?

Jessica Bitar said:

I was surprised at the idea of televising a crucifixion. I can only really picture it as it is put in the Bible, but with television crews everywhere. I really don't think a crucifixion should be seems like it would be "against the Bible" (if that makes sense) I think if there were to be one today, tons of people would show up to see it...

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