The Time Traveler's Wife

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This book is BY FAR my favorite book that we have read.  It is just more interesting than anything else.  I don't really have a particular quote picked out because it's just all so good!

I like how the author tells you what is eventually going to happen but you don't find out until much later in the book because of the time traveling aspect but that just makes you want to keep reading and reading until you figure out why, how, or what exactly happened. 

I also realize why this book was supposed to be read in conjuction with the Sex chapter from Foster.  There are so many times were the author talks about sex and I guess in this book it is imperitive for Henry to have. I liked the part when she decides to tell him that she needs a break and how it just seems like he can keep going forever and forever and she's feels pretty much dead.  It surprised me that with time travel he doesn't realize that she needs a break because it doesn't hold him back. 

The whole book was just interesting in every way and I enjoyed it very much.


I agree with you, it kept me in and held me there, even more so than the invisible man, because you never knew what was going to happen next!

Rosalind Blair said:

I would also say that this book is my favorite when it comes to the ones we have read this semester. It was a much easier read than some of the others, and I found myself really enjoying it as I went. I enjoyed how it went back and forth between the present and the past and the future. It really allowed for readers to get a feel for what living with a time traveler would really be like.

Marie vanMaanen said:

I also agree with you that this is my favorite book of the semester. I found once I read the first couple chapters that I just wanted to keep reading it. Every once in a while there would be some detail mentioned foreshadowing some event we could expect to read about. These details would rarely explain what was going to happen, but they would pique my interest enough that was eager to keep reading and learn what happened. I also agree with Alicia that the time traveling aspect had me constantly wondering what would happen next because you never knew what age either Clare or Henry would be.

Rebecca Marrie said:

I too thought the book was incredibly addicting and rather impossible to put down. The constant switching of times - from past to present to future - create a sense of suspense within the novel and enabled it to be become the much-read novel it is because of it's uniqueness. I especially liked the view on fate which this novel portrayed. I wrote about this in my blog:

Sue said:

I agree with you. I really liked this book and it was probably the best one out of this whole semester. As much as I liked it though I was upset about the ending. I also wish we would have seen more of Alba and I wondered if she saw Henry more as she grew up since we know that she's the only one that got to see Henry until Clare was 82.

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