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September 21, 2005

Reading the Trib,,,

Tribune-Review (Sep 20 edition) -- News Writing (EL 227)

How many times have I looked at a newspaper in my lifetim? ALOT. However, being in the Newswriting class has taught me to look at artciles from a completely different angle. Rather than just reading an article for subject matter, I now look at the style of the article. I look at the headlines to see if they grab my attention and I look at the leads and see if they answer the 5W-Hows. I check to see the background and the nutgraph, and reading the Trib yesterday, I looked at the end of the article and tried to decide where the article could have been cut off. I don't want to now, nor have I ever wanted, to be a journalist. I'm learning slowly, but surely, how to not write a paper for Literature and how to write for a newspaper. It is amazing to me, though, how much I have overlooked in the past, and learned in the last couple of weeks.

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