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October 13, 2005

What if you just can't get it?

I was outside of my Drama as Literature class yesterday morning talking to some of the upper classmen who are also in my Newswriting class. I was expressing how difficult writing news articles is for me and asked if anyone else has had a hard time with it. I was releived to hear that others were. Katie Lambert said to me, "What if you just CAN'T write news articles?" It got me thinking and led me to blog about it. I've been told over and over again (my education professor said it again today in class) that there is ALWAYS going to be something that you j u s t d o n ' t g e t ! ! No matter how hard you try, no matter how much help you ask for, you just will not comprehend it. I feel that there are two things I just DON'T get. Calculus and Newswriting. Seriously. You probably all think I'm being ridiculous, but I have tried and tried and everytime I write an article that I feel is very good, I am told otherwise. However, this is not to say that I have learned nothing in my newswriting class. I have learned a lot actually. I have learned the style of writing news articles, something that I have never payed much attention to in the past. I have learned that it is much more complex than it seems and that journalists have to be very careful about what and how they write. I have learned that television news is not nearly as satisfying to my appetite for news as the newspapers are, and I have learned much, much more. I just have a very hard time applying these things to my personal writing. Just thought I'd share my feelings with you all. Feel free to comment!

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