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November 13, 2005

What, how, and why

We the Media (Intro, Ch 1 & Ch 2) -- News Writing (EL 227)

"Consumers of news learned the what about the attacks, thanks to the television networks that showed the horror so graphically. Then we learned some of the how and why as print publications and thoughtful broadcasters worked to bring depth to events that defied mere words."

Dan Gillmor makes a good point. He explains television broadcasting and newspapers in a way that I hadn't thought of before, but now that he brought it up, it makes sense. Television tells what, and newspapers step in to tell how and why. If that doesn't make you appreciate journalists over television reporters, I don't know what would. Putting it in these words made me think about the extra work journalists have to put into their stories.

Posted by CheraPupi at November 13, 2005 3:04 PM


That's true Chera. Television goes over a lot of information in a certain amount of time. When you're reading a newspaper however, there's not time limit so they can give more information on the stories. Television is also giving you what they want you to hear and with newpapers you can make your own choices on what you want to read.

Posted by: Andy Lonigro at November 29, 2005 10:48 AM

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