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February 10, 2007

Ideas near and far!

Forster, ''The Machine Stops'' -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

"You know that we have lost the sense of space...I determined to recover it...Up and down, until I was tired, and so did capture the meaning of 'Near' and 'Far'. 'Near' is a place to which I can get quickly on my feet, not a place to which the train or the air-ship will take me quickly. 'Far is a place to which I cannot get quickly on my feet; the vomitory is 'far', though I could be there in thirty-eight seconds by summoning the train

I think that Forster is an absolutely brilliant author. This quote, for example, is unbelievable. He was able to capture something so basic to every individual, and put it into the perfect words to convey the true meaning of near and far. Often times, it's more difficult to explain something basic, that is used everyday, than something much more complex. The concept of a sense of space is one that I can honestly say I have never thought about before.

Also, can anyone explain the whole "ideas" concept? Is it literally "ideas" that the characters are trying to get, or are ideas something else? I'm not sure if I missed some type of explanation or what.

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