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April 15, 2007

Pagan elements? Who knew?

Kennedy, "Shakespare's King Lear" -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

Yet, as many readers also note, much of the play is laden with decidedly pre-Christian imagery: references to Jove, Jupiter, Apollo, devils, fairies, astral images, and sun worship.

As I mentioned in my other entry, I didnít really pick up on many religious aspects in the play as I was reading it. I did, however, notice that it was mentioned that someone, Iím not sure who right at this moment, prayed to the gods. I kind of thought that was odd but I didnít really think much of it. After reading this article I do remember reading these things but certainly didnít associate them with pagan images.

Once more as I mentioned in my other blog, I feel kind of stupid not picking up on these things soonerónow that someone else pointed them out, it seems so obvious. I think it would be interesting to research The Green Man a little further and learn a little more about it. I really donít know anything about British history in that sense.

Posted by CheraPupi at April 15, 2007 10:04 AM


I'm the same way. You're right; it does make sense after reading the articles. Like you, I didn't pick up on any of these images until reading them as well.

Posted by: Jennifer Prex at April 15, 2007 8:43 PM

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