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"That's why he's great; he plays everything as though he's in love with it."

-Niffenegger, page 201

Henry explains to Alicia that music is something that one must be passionate about even when the music is not a particular favorite.  He refers to how his father, seccond chair violinist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, plays every piece with fervor and dedication, even if he despises the piece.  Likewise, Henry feels that Alicia should adopt the same attitude.  However, it is sad to see the hypocrisy in the elder DeTamble's ways.

Henry's father has been in mourning ever since the loss of his wife.  He has lost the love that is within his heart and soul.  Violin playing has become second to drinking, and as we find out later, the drinking destroys his ability to play the violin.  Mr. DeTamble loves music...or rather, he loved music, at one point. 

It has been 23 years since Mr. DeTamble loved anyone or anything.  Henry speaks the truth about musicians' philosophy, but his father mimics his way through the orchestra.  His bitterness and self-pity consume him and the music that he had once loved.


Jennifer Prex said:

I agree that his music did become secondary to drinking. He started drinking because he wasn't handling his grief well. He loved his wife so much that he couldn't handle losing her. In this sense, it seems as if his love for music is secondary to his love for his wife. Since she is gone, he tries to fill the void by drinking. This is just worse because where love is good, drinking is destructive.

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