December 11, 2006

Final Project Development Journal: Unraveling a mystery while winding up a story

Well, my game is nearing completion, and I'm quite pleased with the results. While it's not quite as long as some of my previous games, the amount of exploration and experimentation needed to solve the puzzles in the game will ensure that most gameplay sessions are long enough.

The coding still hasn't been a problem with this game (I think I finally figured out the torch thing). However, I have had some trouble deciding how the story should progress, and even more trouble deciding how it should end. Realistically, looking back on it now, I suppose this game would probably function better as the first in a series; now, don't get me wrong, the story here stands on its own, but the player would definitely benefit from a bit more background information carefully revealed through more gameplay-accessed storytelling. Oh well. This always happens when I'm writing--my imagination runs away on its own and climbs up to lofty heights of ambition that I just can't seem to reach in the short spurts of time that I have. I accomplished basically everything I wanted to with the game, but the story leaves me with some lingering thoughts of how I could expand upon it and create a much more compelling tale.

Nonetheless, I'm glad I've spent so much time working with Inform 7 this semester. It's a great tool (so much easier to work with than the previous version), and once you understand the basics of coding, all the little quirks aren't very hard to figure out with a little fiddling. I'm actually considering contacting a guy Dr. Jerz told me about who is planning to start an interactive fiction business of sorts that produces educational games (the details are fuzzy, so I'll post more about it as things become more clear). Anyways, I'm enjoying some time off this afternoon, buzzing through some work I had on the backburner, and I'm finally recovering from my week-long illness. Hopefully by the time for the finals session on Wednesday things will have settled back to normal.

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