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Living responsibly with technology

Amos, like many other Amish craftsmen, uses electricity in his workshop for certain tools. But the electricity does not come from public utility lines. Amos runs a diesel generator to charge a bank of 12-volt batteries. The batteries' DC charge is then sent through a converter to create homegrown 110-volt "Amish electricity." To generate more, he has to haul the diesel fuel in from town on his horse-drawn buggy. (Rheingold, "Look Who's Talking" 383)

Essentially, it seems the Amish feel that the use of technology is alright as long as it doesn't encourage them to become lazy or inconsiderate human beings. I agree with Rheingold that the rest of America could learn something valuable from taking a closer look at their decision to use technology responsibly.



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There is no doubt a lesson to be learned from the Amish. Their methods are not as archaic as they once seemed. I agree that they are not completely opposed to technology, but are against the abuse and misuse of it.

The Amish run on tradition. They are pure folks that require some technology, but not enough to destroy their culture. Or do they? Are they curious?

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