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Oral Presentation Slot A - Required Reading

The power (of writing) is this: that you can not only think in ways that you could not possibly think if you did not have the written word, but you can now think about the thinking that you do with the written word." (Searle)

Once we start writing, we are able to then reflect back upon what we have written and we enter into this kind of recursive relation to our own written signs. And so only then a certain degree or experience of self-reflection that we now sort of take for granted comes into being. (Abram)

Writing and reading, it makes you think about your thoughts in a deliberate kind of way that you just don't have an opportunity to do in your ordinary action and talking. So the invention of writing contributed to what we call the growth of subjectivity, people's ability to think about their own thoughts. (Olson)

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''When you provide a space for these young women to express themselves, the conversation quickly turns to the things that matter most to them: their community, friendship, loneliness, attention, love or the lack of,'' she said. ''Their writing serves as a testimony to the crucial role that literacy plays in their lives as a tool for sharing emotions, ideas and thoughts that would otherwise be left untold.'' (Saslow)

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look forward to your presentation, like the idea of linking video and articles for the class.

When writing, do we look at our thoughts on the paper, or do we have other people read our thoughts and give us their thoughts on our writing?

I disagree with the final speaker of the video. He said that you can't have schools or governments without the written word. But they did exist before the written word. Socrates taught orally. They may have been primitive schools and governments, but they did exist.

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