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A well-annotated timeline

One ten-year-old boy explained that Dungeons and Dragons was like history, except that Dungeons and Dragons "is more complicated ... There are hundreds and hundreds of books about Dungeons and Dragons." As far as this boy knew, there was only one book about history, his textbook. (Turkle, Writing Material 481)

I can relate. I remember growing up hating my history classes in elementary and middle school because it always felt like I was just relearning the same information over and over again. It wasn't until I started to read historical novels (both fiction and nonfiction) and watch historical films and television programs that I started to develop a real interest in history, because for the first time I realized that history was more than just a well-annotated timeline.



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It's really sad that children can think like that. The problem is that they have had more exposure to the game than history. The kids assume that all that happened is contained in that one book. They don't see the volumes, libraries, and museums full of history.

I recommend the history channel. It contains all of the stuff that isn't in the history books, but is still significant.

for instance, Hitler hated the Jews because he thought that at one time, Aryans had had psychic abilities. By breeding with the Jews, he though the powers had been diminished. In order to gain the psychic powers back, Hitler felt he had to cleanse Germany.

psychic nazis......what a nut

(History Channel December 2005)

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