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Racing towards new digital storage solutions

Yet storage has never been more important than it is now in shaping the everyday experience of computing, interactivity, and new media. Even a passing glance at technologies like iPod or TiVo, both based on magnetic hard drives, should bring this point home. (Kirschenbaum, Mechanisms 4)

This passage immediately brought to mind IBM's recent work on developing their "Racetrack" memory technology. Basically, they're developing a new type of data storage that can house more than 100X the density of current storage devices (in one article, it was mentioned that this would equate to the possibility of a 500,000 song iPod).

I think Kirschenbaum is right on track with his study of storage tech, especially since--as he points out himself--it's so often neglected in critical studies of digital culture.



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I had an ipod that held 100 songs. Most adults would probably think that is a lot. But everyone else had the bigger one that held 2,000 songs. i thin each generation gets more and more storage greedy. We want more, and newer technology make image storage uber-convienient. Think about it: how many notebooks would fill your room if all your papers stored on your hardrive were hand-written. That quote kind of makes you thankful. Life would be much harder without removeable storage devices and hardrives.

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