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In digital culture, size matters

It would be a mistake, however, to think size doesn't matter; we will also consider the ways in which user habits and activities change as storage media grow more capacious. The simple practice of creating subdirectories, for example, is relatively rare with file systems stored on floppies but commonplace, indeed essential, with hard drives. (Kirschenbaum 8)

I'm inclined to agree. I have an iPod Shuffle, with the capacity for approximately 250 songs, and I reached that limit a while ago. Now, each time I buy a new CD or song, I have to comb through the list of songs stored on the device and decide which ones to delete in order to make room for the new ones--in other words, I'm constantly forced to reevaluate my taste in music.

Granted, I still have copies of the songs that I delete from the iPod. They're stored on my computer's hard drive, which offers almost limitless storage capacity (I still haven't used even half of my desktop computer's hard drive space). But still, I have to decide which songs are worth keeping and which ones I can live without for a while.



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