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Below Zero Portfolio - Fall 2005, Update #2

This is an update on the previous weblog portfolios that I compiled for Fall 2005. I have included new entries posted since October 17.

I recommend you take a look at the earlier installments of the portfolio:

[Coverage, Depth, Discussion, Timeliness] God is in the details - In this entry, I begin by examining two seemingly contradictory proverbs, and then move on to examine the importance of proportionality in crime reporting.

[Coverage] Muddled by media law - Here I explain a question about libel in journalism that came to my mind while reading a briefing on media law in one of my textbooks.

[Coverage, Depth] "Where Solemnity Palls" - In this entry, I explain some of the guidelines for feature writing in the news, by drawing upon examples provided in one of my textbooks.

[Coverage] Cut a little deeper - Here I provide some criticism about the arguments presented in one of my textbooks regarding the use of statistics in media.

[Coverage, Depth, Discussion, Interaction, Timeliness, Wildcard] "Tomato" statistics - In this entry, I provide an in-depth analysis of statistics that are misleading due to the methods used to compile them.

[Coverage] Through the looking glass - Here I give brief thought to something I learned about discrimination in employment from one of my textbooks.

[Coverage, Discussion, Interaction] Take your own advice - Here I provide some critical commentary on the hypocritical irony I discovered in one of my textbooks.

[Coverage, Depth] Substance vs. procedures in peer review - In this entry, I describe what I learned about the peer review process for academic articles from one of my textbooks.

[Coverage] Crime reporting under pressure - Here I reflect on a crime reporting exercise that forced me to practice news writing under pressure.

[Coverage, Depth, Timeliness] The color of details - In this entry, I explain how a chapter in one of my textbooks highlighted one of my weaknesses as a journalist, and summarize what I learned.

[Coverage, Interaction, Timeliness] Colorful court reporting - Here I give an example of court reporting improved with "colorful" details that I found in a local paper.

[Coverage] Knowing what not to do - In this entry, I acknowledge an important concept that I learned in one of my least favorite textbooks.

[Xenoblogging] Katie Aikins - Newswriting - It Ain't Necessarily So, Ch. 6 & 7 - Here I left a timely comment on Katie's blog that asked a question to further intellectual engagement with class material.

[Xenoblogging] David Denninger - It Ain't Necessarily So (Ch. 2 & 3) - Here I left a comment on David's blog that provided my personal response to his ideas concerning class material.

[Xenoblogging] Johanna Dreyfuss - Crime and Punishment - Here I left a comment on Johanna's blog that helped spark an ongoing discussion about class material.

[Xenoblogging] Johanna Dreyfuss - Surveys and Statistics - Here I left two comments on Johanna's blog that provided some insight into class material and drew upon concepts I picked up in another class.

[Xenoblogging] Jason Pugh - Chapters 2 & 3 "It Ain't Necessarily So" - Here I left a timely comment on Jason's blog that later helped to contribute to the classroom discussion after his presentation in Newswriting.


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