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EL 405: Below Zero Portfolio #1 - Fall 2006

Welcome. My name is Christopher Ulicne, and I am a journalism/graphic design/french student at Seton Hill University. Below Zero--the weblog you see before you--is a casual haven for all of my thoughts and feelings, past and present.

This is a portfolio entry, meaning that it lists all of the most relevant and stimulating intellectual blogging I've done so far this fall. Feel free to let this entry guide you, or strike out on your own and see what you can find. Either way, I hope you enjoy reading these entries as much as I enjoyed writing them--and who knows, maybe you'll learn a thing or two, or something I've said will spark some new ideas for you.

"Story deserves better treatment than that" - In this entry, I discuss my feelings about the quality and sophistication of stories in video games, pointing out an example of one video game with a highly satisfying story and theme. (Coverage, Depth, Timeliness, Discussion)

"Games, at their best, are not prescriptive" - Here I briefly address the controversy over violent content in video games and then move on to discuss games' ability to convey very specific stories and ideas. (Coverage, Depth, Timeliness, Discussion)

"Your head a splode" - In this entry, I respond to a peculiar animated cartoon. (Coverage)

"Gesticulating" - Here I discuss my reaction to several different interactive fiction games I played in preparation for creating my own IF game. (Coverage, Depth, Timeliness)

Exposure to exposition in a new medium - In this entry I discuss the role of exposition in interactive fiction games, and reflect on some of my past experiences as an IF author. (Coverage, Depth, Timeliness)

Ask the Adventure Elf - Here I revised the opening scene of one of my professor's IF games, to demonstrate my ability to work within the Inform 7 software... The humor in the changes is a bit of an inside joke. Sorry. (Coverage)

"A common sense approach to game design" - In this entry I mostly gush about how excited I was to work with The Games Factory 2 software--back before I realized how complicated and awkward it really is. (Coverage, Timeliness, Interaction)

"Objects, the Cornerstone of Creation" - Here I begin to discuss some of my developing ideas for a future project created with the Games Factory 2 software. (Coverage, Depth, Timeliness, Development Portfolio)

"Graphics and Animation" - In this entry, I continue to discuss my progress with my ideas for a game created using the Games Factory 2 software. (Coverage, Timeliness, Development Portfolio)

"Survey: two-thirds of online gamers are female" - Here I reflect briefly on my surprise upon discovering said survey results.

"Flash interface and interactivity" - In this entry I discuss the easy pick-up-and-play nature of Flash packages, and then shoot off a few ideas I had for possible Flash projects I could develop after I become more familiar with the software. (Coverage, Development Portfolio)

Flash franšais - Here I mention some of the things I learned by examining a case study of Flash journalism in a textbook, and then ponder how Flash might fit into my future and career. (Coverage, Interaction, Case Study Blog Entry, Wildcard)

Flash Movie - Pencil Sharpener - In this entry, I link to a simple Flash movie I created while learning how to use the Flash software and describe the experience I had while trying to upload it to the web. (Coverage)


Girl Meets World - Looking at the (MSNBC) Big Picture - Here I left a brief but timely comment on Amanda's blog.

Girl Meets World - Just how many minutes? - Here I left two comments on Amanda's blog, one short response and one much longer one that discussed my thoughts on an article she linked to.

Sugarpacket - Flash Tour: c'est fantastique - Here I left a brief comment with a link I hoped would prove helpful to Karissa (which linked to something she mentioned she had trouble finding).

Sugarpacket - I have no patience for IF - Here I left a comment with some tips and suggestions for Karissa, in response to her frustration with IF.


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